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Listing and Ranking thousands of lightworkers from 83 countries in 51 categories and areas of expertise!! This is your guide to the world's best and most trusted lightworkers in the business!




National & International Rank of the World's Best Lightworkers Legal Status

Results of the vote 2014-2015 as published in the book, available at, , and soon at

Contact: att: Marla Cohen



 (Paperback, 652 pages):

 Kindle edition in 3 volumes  at: Volume 1:

 Volume 2:

 Volume 3:



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Note: You can nominate up to 5 practitioners for each category, and vote only once. Send you votes, recommendations, and nominations to Marla Cohen at The VOTE ENDS ON NOVEMBER 25, 2014.





·         Category #1: Best crystal and stone energy healing practitioners

·         Category #2: Best ghost hunters/personalities in the United States

·         Category #3: Best intuitive entertainers in the United States

·         Category #4: Best Lightworkers, psychics and mediums  in France

·         Category #5: Best Lightworkers, psychics and mediums in the Netherlands

·         Category #6: Best Mediums, psychics and mediums  in Europe

·         Category #7: Best Mediums in the UK

·         Category #8: Best Mediums in the United States

·         Category #9: Best paranormal radio show hosts in the United States

·         Category #10: Best paranormal radio shows in the world

·         Category #11: Best paranormal researchers/investigators in the United States

·         Category #12: Best paranormal researchers-investigators/personalities in the world

·         Category #13: Best paranormal TV shows in the United States

·         Category #14: Best pendulum practitioners

·         Category #15: Best psychic detectives

·         Category #16: Best Psychics in Europe

·         Category #17:Best Psychics in the UK

·         Category #18: Best Psychics in the United States

·         Category #19: Best psychometry’s practitioners

·         Category #20: Best students of the year

·         Category #21: Lightworkers of the Year. Men’s category

·         Category #22: Lightworkers of the Year. Women’s category

·         Category #23: Lightworkers’ Life Achievement Award

·         Category #24: Lightworkers’ World Hall of Fame

·         Category #25: Man of the year

·         Category #26: Most influential women in the business

·         Category #27: Woman of the year

·         Category #28: World’s best Animal Reiki practitioners

·         Category #29: World’s best astrologers

·         Category #30: World’s best author

·         Category #31: World’s best dream interpreters

·         Category #32: World’s best Feng Shui practitioners

·         Category #33: World’s best healers

·         Category #34: World’s best internet psychics and mediums directories and agencies

·         Category #35: World’s best life-coaches psychics

·         Category #36: World’s best mediums

·         Category #37:World’s best numerologists

·         Category #38: World’s best palmists

·         Category #39: World’s best pet psychics and animal communicators

·         Category #40: World’s best physical mediums

·         Category #41: World’s best psychics

·        Category #42:  World’s best psychics' TV shows offering live reading

·         Category #43: World’s best Reiki Masters

·         Category #44: World’s best spirit artists

·         Category #45: World’s best spirit photographers/scrying mediums

·         Category #46: World’s best tarot readers

·         Category #47: World’s best witches and white magick practitioners

·         Category #48: World's best metaphysical teachers

·         Category #49: World's best spiritual guides

·         Category #50: World's most recommended psychics in 2012-2013-2014

 Yes! It is a huge undertaking. But we did it together, you the general public, lightworkers of the world, peers, colleagues, clients of lightworkers, researchers, and us, here in the heart of New York City. Be proud, you have accomplished a magnificent task; and together we have created a historic event for the 4th consecutive year! Thank you, thank you so much for your help, effort, time, participation and VOTES!




We were asked by numerous interested parties if nominees and winners would/could receive "Award Diplomas or Certificates", and the answer is yes; they are entitled to this privilege. Below you find samples of awards granted in various categories. Additional certificates are granted to nominees and winners in other categories as well. Once the vote is over, and the official results and names of winners are announced, and if you are on the list, contact Marla Cohen, if you desire to receive your award certificate. We should bring to your attention, that diplomas are not exclusively  given to lightworkers who are in top places; all lightworkers whose names appeared in any category, in any classification and any rank order in this vote, and/or were nominated to any honor are eligible to receive their pertinent certificate(s). Just email Marla Cohen at and ask for your certificate (Whether you are a winner, a listee, a nominee, or simply a participant in this event).

Your Official International Rank Diploma. The document could include multiple ranks in various categories if applicable, and list your ranks in various categories, such as #1 Medium in the world and #5 Psychic in the World, etc.

Doc. 1: Certificate of World's Rank (Example: Voted #1 Psychic in the World, #1 Medium in the World, or #2 Medium in the World, etc.)


Doc. 2: Lightworkers' World Hall of Fame Award

Doc 3: Lightworker's Life Achievement Award.


Doc 4: Official Nomination Certificate: You are entitled to receive this certificate if your name appears on this page, in any category of the vote (Psychic, Medium, Healer, Woman of the Year, Lightworker of the Year, Tarot Reader, etc.) regardless or your rank.


Lightworkers from 83 Countries. Médiums et voyants de 83 pays :

·         Albania (Albanie)

·         Algeria (Algérie)

·         Arab Peninsula

·         Armenia (Arménie)

·         Australia (Australie)

·         Austria (Autriche)

·         Azerbaijan

·         Bahrain

·         Bangladesh

·         Belgium (Belgique)

·         Bosnia (Bosnie)

·         Brazil (Brésil)

·         Bulgaria (Bulgarie)

·         Canada

·         China (Chine)

·         Colombia (Colombie)

·         Croatia

·         Cuba

·         Cyprus (Chypre)

·         Dagestan

·         Denmark

·         Ecuador/République de l'Équateur

·         Egypt

·         Finland (Finlande)

·         France

·         Germany (Allemagne)

·         Guatemala

·         Holland (Hollande, Pay Bas))

·         Hungary (Hongrie)

·         India (Inde)

·         Indonesia (Indonésie)

·         Iran

·         Ireland (Irelande)

·         Israel (Israél)

·         Italy (Italie)

·         Kosovo

·         Lebanon (Liban)

·         Luxembourg

·         Malaysia (Malaisie)

·         Mali

·         Mexico (Mexique)

·         Morocco (Maroc)

·         Muskat

·         Netherlands (Pays Bas)

·         New Zealand (Nouvelle Zélande)

·         Nigeria (Niger)

·         Norway (Norvege)

·         Oman

·         Pakistan

·         Peru (Pérou)

·         Philippines

·         Poland (Pologne)

·         Portugal

·         Puerto Rico

·         Republic of Tuva

·         Romania (Roumanie)

·         Saidi Arabia (Arabie Séoudite)

·         Serbia

·         Singapore

·         Spain (Espagne)

·         Russia (Russie)

·         Salvador

·         Senegal (Sénégal) 

·         South Africa (Afrique du Sud)

·         Sweden (Suede)

·         Switzerland (Suisse)

·         Syria (Syrie)

·         Taiwan

·         Tasmania (Tasmanie)

·         Thailand (Thailande)

·         Trinidad

·         Tunis (Tunisie)

·         Turkey (Turquie)

·         Ukraine (Ukranie)

·         United Arab Emirates

·         United Kingdom (Angleterre)

·         USA

·         Virgin Islands

·         Yemen (Yémen)

·         Zanzibar









·         Germany in 1st place, category: Man of the Year (With Paul Jacobs).

·         Germany in 1st place, category: World's best metaphysical teacher (With Paul Jacobs).




·         France in 1st place, category: Best author of  the Year (With Patricia Darré).





·         BRAZIL:

·         Brazil in 1st place, category: Healers (With St. John of God).

·         Brazil in 1st place, category: Physical Mediums (With Jose Medrado)




·         INDIA:

·         India in 1st place, category: Palmists (With Sasi Velupillai).





·         NETHERLANDS:

·         Netherlands in 1st place, category: Woman of the Year (With José Gosschalk).

·         Netherlands in 1st place, category: Best Psychics TV commercial show (With Danielle Nijhuis).

·         Netherlands in 1st place, category: Lightworker of the Year (With Sonia Pereira).





·         UK:




·         USA in 1st place, category: Witches/white magick, house cleansing, house blessing, spells: (With Patti Negri).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Astrology (With Patrice Cole).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Feng Shui Practitioners (With Anita Rosenberg).  

·         USA in 1st place, category: Mediums (With Patti Negri).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Numerology (With Patrice Cole).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Ghost Hunters (With Grant Wilson).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Pet Psychics and Animal Communicators (With Jennifer Wallens)

·         USA in 1st place, category: Psychics (With Patti Negri).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Spirit Artists (With Jennifer Wallens).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Tarot Readers (With Patti Negri).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Paranormal Radio Show Hosts (With George Noory).

·         USA in 1st place, category: Paranormal Researchers/Investigators (With George Noory).

·       USA in 1st place, category: Angel Psychics, Angel Readers (With Michelle Whitedove).

·       USA in 1st place, category: Life-Coaches (With Suzanne Grace).

·       USA in 1st place, category: Pet Reiki (With Linda Messerman).

·       USA in 1st place, category: Spirit photographer/Scrying mediums (With Tara Viosca Mead).

·       USA in 1st place, category: Crystal and stone energy healing (With Allison Hayes).





Spain in 1st place, category: Psychometry (With Eliza).





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The book shall be available in kindle amazon edition at  by November 28, 20014. And in print (Paperback) at  by December 25, 20014. Also at www.barnes&  by December 25,2014. And worldwide by December 26, 2014.

For more information contact us at


The final results are here, published in the book. Sample a few pages from the book below:









Recommendations received from the general public and those who are voting:

1-Recommendations for Judith Fricot (France):

J'ai consulté Mme Fricot Judith voyante à Englebelmer  à plusieurs reprises et ses révelations ont toujours été satisfaisante. Je la considère comme la meilleure sur la Picardie. Isabelle P. France





2-Recommendations for Patti Negri (USA):


·         1-I’d like to cast my vote for Patti Negri in the best psychic, medium, tarot reader and witchcraft categories.  Until Patti, I had little interest in the above categories, but now I am a big fan, not only of Patti, but of the entire field. Thank you. Roslyn

·         2-Patti has done many a reading for me and my family and she is amazing.  Her insight and abilities are the best I’ve ever encounter. Thank you. Cordially, John M.

·         3-I would like to cast my votes for Patti Negri in the best categories for psychic, medium, tarot reader and witch. She's amazing. An excellent guide. Thank you! Amber S.

·         4-I would like to vote for Patti Negri for best: psychic, medium, witch. She did a house cleansing for me and was extremely insightful and professional.  She was able to read the feelings and spirit of the house, as well as its occupants. Elaine L.

·         5-Patti Negri is the Best Psychic in the USA. Her professionalism, compassion and guiding nature naturally leads on her spiritual journeys. I have been on several spiritual adventures with Patti. They are always fun, interesting and the "other side" cannot resist her charms and welcoming channel. Warmest regards, Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

·         6-Just want to recommend Patti Negri in the best psychic/medium category. I've been to one of her séances and had many individual readings with her and not only is she a very good person with great integrity, she also does wonderful spiritual and psychic work. Sincerely, Georgea M.

·         7-Patti has healed me on so many levels. The abilities Patti has have no words. I hope she is voted Number! Michelle C.

·         8-She does a wonderful job helping to solve problems in a positive environment. Harry M.

·         9-I vote for Patti Negri in the best psychic, medium, tarot reader and witchcraft categories. Patti is one of the most amazing psychic's I have ever met and trust me I have met many.  She truly deserves this award!!! Thank you in advance for recognizing her amazing gifts and talent. Terri

·         10-Patti bravely and generously gives a positive high profile to all things metaphysical, right from the heart of Hollywood.  I admire her more with each; talk show, magazine cover, radio show, and special event with which she graces her lovely face, and healing hands.  I know many outstanding individuals possessing a variety of Patti's talents, but only she uniquely gives every subject the professionalism, polish, and accessibility to the general public and popular culture that each deserves, and upon which the future of our planet depends. Let us all continue our great fortune by honoring this blessed spokeswoman and poster girl for everything right with the universe. Roz B.

·         11-Patti Negri is one of the most inspiring women I know. Not only is she an extraordinary psychic but also a medium.  She has amazing abilities in so many ways and including for missing persons that I have heard her speak of several times for a few cases. Her extensive training, talents and successes are just another part of her inspiring life. I have seen her on TV and she is delightful and very talented as an actress.  She is also a White Witch.  I am not as familiar with this category as others but since I have known Patti she has brought less fear, less mystery and down to earth information about what a White Witch is. She makes it so beautiful, loving and accessible of what she does.  She taught me and others how to do a money burning moon ritual which I did and was very successful at it. This was as natural and delightful as any of the prayers and meditations type rituals that I do and know about. I am so grateful and blessed to know about this as well.  Patti is a very positive person. I have been listening to her shows on the radio for several years now and she is such a pure heart and energetic person. She inspires others to be the best they can be. She is not judgmental and does not try to make others change their beliefs in order to take her beliefs she teaches on. This is a lovely and wise trait about Patti that is so genuine.  She walks her talk and lives what she gives.  I think very highly of her.  She is a stunning person in all ways and has so much integrity and honesty in her work and personality.  She is one of my mentors, teachers and I love her. Patti is serving humanity in such a lovely way.  She helps so many people with her readings and also in  her artistic endeavors as well.  She is an earth angel. She helps people see new ideas and ways to honor and serve our spirits and to serve our world. God bless you Patti!! Love, Jan Drake Bakke

·         12-Patti Negri is the real deal.  She knows things that she wouldn't know if she was not spiritual.  She is positive, kind, a healer and her energy is so positive and amazing. I recommend her to everyone and anyone that I know.  She was the positive inspiration that was necessary in my life. Sincerely, Elizabeth H.

·         13-Patti is sensitive and intuitive. All her readings and psychic guidance I have found with time to be “right on”. Patti is simply the best! David S

·         14-I have been working with Patti on a project since July of this year.  Please know that she is "the best psychic" and a great person to boot!  Love her! Thanks so much, Kaisli

·         15-Hi all my vote for best psychic, tarot card reader, witch & magical practitioner in the world is Patti Negri. I have personally witness her amazing connection. Thank you for your consideration.  Best Regards, Carla Galvan

·         16-Just a quick note to vote: Patti Negri in the best psychic, medium, tarot reader and witchcraft categories. Patti has helped myself out a lot over the past Year, so she deserves all the support from me at least! Thanks & Regards. Tim L.

17-I would like to vote for Patti Negri for the "Best" in the categories of psychic, medium, tarot reader and witch. She has been a pool of knowledge for my mother and I, we love her! Best, Samantha Davidson 

18-Please cast my vote for Patti Negri in the best psychic, medium, tarot reader and witchcraft categories. She did some work for us a little while ago and our guests were blown away!!!Thanks, BINK. Dave Binkowski

19-I would like to cast my vote for Patti Negri in the best psychic, medium, tarot reader and witchcraft categories. She is a powerful medium, and I had the privilege of attending a seance = she led in mid-September in Los Angeles.  Spirits came to visit, and I = got closure on several questions I had for people I knew that recently =transitioned.= Luis

20-I'd like to vote for Patti Negri for best psychic. She is extraordinarily sensitive to each individual she counsels and I am very impressed with her talent. Thank you, Wendy Horowitz 

21-I Vote for Patti Negri for Best Psychic, Medium, Tarot Reader, and Witchcraft and all around great person. Merle Singer

22-She's definitely the BEST! Thank you, Rita Valente

23-Hello, I would like to place my vote for Patti Negri as the best in the psychic, medium, tarot reader and witchcraft categories. When my family moved to Los Angeles, we purchased a house with spiritual issues galore. A troubled past, a series of troubled past-inhabitants, and even an Unwanted inhabitant, a very unhappy spirit that didn't want to leave.  With Patti's help, all of these issues were resolved, and have stayed resolved.  She is truly magical! Thanks, Tim A.

24-Patti had exceptional talent and integrity. Thank you, Krystal Rains

25-Patti Negri the best psychic ever. Elizabeth Homan.

26-Patti is an amazing psychic and truly connected to the Universe! She deserves first place! Linda

27-I've had a great experience with her this year, and continue to recommend her to friends. Elaine L.

28-Yes please vote for her on my behalf. She is amazing!! She has passions and power beyond belief. Patty Ramchandani=

29-I've been in her presence and she truly knows. Please make her number one. Thanks, Bill Harrison

30-She is the worlds best. Thanks,Tom Mason

31-I read all your interviews with her in your magazine AMERICAN PSYCHIC & MEDIUM, she is amazing. Oh yes, I also read her column in your magazine about magic and house blessing. She is definitely the best psychic and medium in the world. And now I vote for her as woman of the year and lightworker of the year. She must win otherwise this international vote will not be serious. You asked us to vote honestly, OK then Ms. Patti Negri is number one and from my heart I wish she wins this vote. I read part of her biography, Mon Dieu they wrote about her in 20 books! This is beyond amazing. As I said if she does not win these spots, I am finished with your magazines. I will cancel my subscription. Marie-Louise B. Paris, France

32-I vote for Patti Negri as best Psychic, Medium, and Tarot reader, and the art of witchcraft; I will like to add that she is very passionate in the way she helps people. Thanks: Jay

33-Patti Negri has such excellent integrity and is such a positive person in this world using her amazing gifts.  Jan Drake Bakke  

34-Hi there, I'm checking in on who I think is the best Psychic. My choice is Patti Negri out in Hollywood. She is totally amazing!  I'm giving her my vote as number one in all the categories, Psychic, Medium, Tarot Reader & Witchcraft. Dora Blasick

35-My choice is the beautiful Patti Negri in Los Angeles, California. She is awesome! Thank you. Donovan Borlai

36-Hello New York, Thanks so much for supporting those who touch the heavens.  I would like to vote for Patti Negri.  I think she's an incredible psychic.  This is for the psychic, tarot reader and witchcraft category.With great appreciation, Robin Goodrow

37-Hi there! Another vote from New Zealand for Patti!! Patti has helped my partner and myself so much …Patti is Awesome!! … she is the most kind hearted lady towards everyone on all levels… she is also the most exciting Psychic, Medium, Tarrot and Witch/Magical Practioner in the World anyone could ever wish for!!…annnnd…Patti is also sooo Chrasmatically Cute and Yummy!!! … my Partner agrees!! Aahaaaahaaa. All the best for Patti Thanks & Regards. Tim L.

38-Shout out to Patti Negri A year and a month ago...I called the radio show. My relative had interviewed for a position as a nurse after being relocated to Cali for several months. After the interview she was given some hope in a round about way by the interviewer, that she would be hired. However after a week and a half passed and she had not heard from the interviewer, she was concerned. I spoke with Patti and inquired about this issue.. she told me that my relative: "Had not made any mistakes during the interview.. she did really well answered all questions correctly and the woman felt she had overstepped her boundaries after she kinda indicated to her that she had the job. She will be getting a job south of where she is in less than a week's time"... Well the interviewer called her in 2 days time, and she did get the position. It is south of where she lives.On another occasion, a year ago to date...I called a radio show.. I spoke with Patti Negri regarding an issue of concern relative to one of my brothers and my parents. when I asked her if he was interested in getting a job.. Her response was point blank straight shooter: "NO"... in addition she told me how urgent it was that I take charge of the situation.. To date... He does not have a job.. He worked for less than a month this past month and came up with all sorts of excuses for leaving.. Patti Negri you were accurate on both accounts!!! THANK YOU!!!!! 

39-Patti Negri: This lady is amazing. She did a reading for me over the phone and she really helped me out with some issues I've been struggling with for a long time. Her energy gave me lots of inspiration.-Cool driver



3-Recommendations for Eileen Boettcher (USA)

1-Eileen Boettcher has been such a beautiful friend and healer to my family in time of need. Eileen is a brilliant Reiki Master. She did some work on my family member and it was miraculous. I have felt her Reiki as well and she is very gifted. I recommend her so much for this. She is also a psychic medium with limitless gifts to share. She works with a kind and generous heart and is so caring and giving to others when she gives her readings. She does not skim for anyone. She is thorough and genuine. I am so grateful to her. She is an earth angel. I had the privilege to work with her on the Psychics Gone Wild radio shows. Love, Jan Drake Bakke   

2-Hi, Marla . . . I have three to nominate for best reiki practitioner and they are: Doreen (DC) Love, Eileen Boettcher, Peg Jones. I met all of them when I started working again on "Psychics Gone Wild" on Blog Talk Radio early this year.  I maintain friendship with them through Facebook and have even made an appearance on another show "Crystal Angel Healing Hour" they did together. They are all certified reiki practitioners and through my association with them, I have witnessed their gifts of healing. Thank you for your consideration! Linda Irwin






4-Recommendations for Jennifer Wallens (USA):


·         1-I’d like to cast my vote for Jennifer Wallens.  What a wonderful spirit and personality she is.  Anyone that has an opportunity to share some time with her will see just how awesome she is. Thank You, Ray S.

·         2-I am blessed to know Jennifer Wallens.  She is a kind and caring person I asked Jennifer Wallens to help me with a health issue that my precious cat was going through. Jennifer was spot on. I am so grateful to Jennifer for her help. Jeannie L.

·         3-I would like to place my vote for Best Psychic, Best Medium, and Best Animal Communicator.  My vote is for Jennifer Wallens, who resides in Las Vegas, NV.  I have had several reading with Jennifer throughout the last couple of years.  She has always been professional, accurate, and detailed. Jennifer has also communicated information from my dog, which helped me to be an even better doggy mommy.  I am very grateful for the sincere, fun, and professional manner in which Jennifer shares her gifts. Have a beautiful day. C. S

·         4-I would like to recommend and vote for Jennifer Wallens in the following categories: best medium, best psychic, best spirit artist. My daughter & I recently had sessions with Jennifer & she was so truly amazing! My mother died 9 ½ years ago, but Jennifer had her there with us & I haven’t felt so close to my mom since she died. Jennifer told me things from my mom that only my mom & I knew. It was extremely comforting & I am still in awe of the experience. Jennifer also told me things about my life & now I have clarity & direction. My daughter thought she was truly gifted also, as she knew things about my daughter that my daughter had not told even me. My daughter wants to write a book & has been making notes & Jennifer told her that she saw the book cover & that there were to be more books. Jennifer is truly a special, gifted & caring person & deserves these awards for helping people. Donna S.

·         5-I have had past life readings with Jennifer and have to say she answered questions and new me without me saying anything.  She went into my past lives, shared my lives, and what is coming to me.  I would recommend Jennifer to anyone.  She reads animals too and shared with me.  I love Jennifer she has many special Gift. Grateful  D.L.

·         6-Jennifer is an inspiration to me and to others. I am a student of her mediumship class and she is awesome. Her teaching methods are fun, allowing for us to practice our skills on each other and outside the classroom.  Jennifer Wallens gives evidential information during her readings which helps to validate the information she receives. I think she is the best psychic and medium that I have come across in a very long time.  She deserves the accolades. Thank You, JarieLyn Robbins Las Vegas, NV

·         7-I would like to vote for Jennifer Wallens for best psychic and best animal communicator.  She really helped me with some issues in my life, some medical things and also was able to help us find out what was wrong with our dog.  We caught a tumor very early on with Jennifer's help and we're able to save our dog's leg.  Instead, she only lost a toe.  This was a direct result of my conversation with Jennifer.  She's AMAZING!!  She's also one hell of a teacher and is wonderful at guiding people who are venturing into practicing mediumship and psychic readings. Thanks, Dustin E

·         8-Jennifer Wallens has a truly amazing gift. She has brought peace back into my life. She brings love and kindness to all of her readings. She has changed my life for the better and I cannot wait to go back and see her again. Jennifer is absolutely the best! Tammie K.

·         9-I like to nominate Jennifer Wallens for Best Psychic. Jennifer did my psychic reading two years ago, during a very stressful and emotional time in my life. She took her time, gave a very detailed and informational reading, and brought me some comfort in my time of need. She allowed plenty of time for questions and never made me feel like she was in a time crunch, as I have experienced from other psychics before. I have recommended Jennifer to my family and friends as well as for a Best Psychic nomination. She definitely possesses a wonderful gift and is a gentle lightworker. Sincerely, Melissa M

·         10-I am writing to cast my vote for Jennifer Ann Wallens in the categories of: Best Medium, Best Psychic, Best Animal Communicator and Best Spirit Artist.  Jennifer holds a Psychic Mediumship Learning Circle to help those who have Mediumistic ability grow and develop their gifts.  As one of the members of this wonderful group, I know first hand how attuned and focused Jennifer is on helping others with her own gifts as a Psychic Medium.  I feel blessed to know her and to have the opportunity to learn from her, as she is highly knowledgeable.  Further, I have had a Medium Reading with Jennifer and she was able to give me great evidence that confirmed she was connected with my Grandmother and my Grandfather who are in Spirit.  She was able to give further advice that I really needed and has helped me greatly in my own life path.  Please consider Jennifer for all of the above categories as she is incredibly gifted and skilled as a Psychic Medium!  Thank you. Blessings, Meredith T

·         11-I would like to vote for Jennifer Wallens for best Medium, best animal communicator, best Psychic and best Spirit Artist. I have had 3 different readings with Jennifer and she was completely accurate in all 3 readings. Thanks, Rob

12-I had a reading with Jennifer Wallens on May 15, 2014 at 4:00 CT. This was my first reading with a medium. She made me feel very at ease, relaxed, and encouraged me to record the reading (which I did). I wasn't sure what to expect but she did come through with facts of my dad which had passed away 2 years earlier. Many time throughout the reading she would ask, "Do you understand?" and I would say no but after replaying the recording and letting my mom listen to it, so much of what she said was right on the nose. She even predicted a family get together with fireworks that my dad would see and a few months later my family traveled to visit me for 4th of July and they all said it was the largest display they had ever seen. I would recommend her for a reading and definitely record so you can listen to it later! Sincerely, Hope H.

13-I had a reading from Jennifer through Skype last Saturday. She is totally wonderful. I certainly will have my vote for her: Best Animal Communicator – we lost our dog Lilly 3 weeks ago, Jennifer gave us the comforting and closure that we never imagine we could get.  World’s Best Medium & Best Psychic – Jennifer is right about my two deceased grandmothers (who company Lilly), my dad’s coming birthday and details I don’t even know (only my dad knows).  Woman of the year – Jennifer is kind, caring and professional. She is a medium who can earn your trust in the first 2 minutes. But she is more than just a medium, the knowledge and wisdom of spirituality she has flow through her reading. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Betty Scardaville From Melbourne, Australia

14-I sent in votes to you for Jennifer Wallens a week or so ago and I forgot to include a review. I'd like to give that to you now if it's not too late. "I've had several readings with Psychic Medium Jennifer Wallens over the past few years and she is AMAZING! She has been spot on, saying things that there was no way she could've known. She is very warm and personable, and I was immediately comfortable with her. I always refer people to her - whether they want a mediumship reading or to have someone communicate with their pets for them. "Thank you! With many blessings, Jacque McPherson

15-I would like to recommend Jennifer Wallens for the award in the classes of Best Medium, Best Animal Communicator, Best Psychic and Best Paranormal Investigator.  She is a all around great lightworker and really deserves it. Thank you, Erin B.

16-Dear Marla and Times Square Press, I would like to recommend and vote for Jennifer Wallens in the following categories: Best Medium, Best Psychic, Best Spirit Artist and Best Paranormal Investigator. My review for Jennifer as a medium is: Her beautiful heart and light, joyful spirit are evident in the reading and I was blown away by her ability to speak to me almost conversationally, while hearing spirit simultaneously and accurately! Incredible! Cindy K. I would also like to recommend and vote for Richard Schoeller for: Best Medium. Thank you, Cindy K.

17-I had the pleasure of talking with Jennifer for a five minute phone conversation.  She was very direct and answered my questions quickly and honestly without trying to elicit information or sell me products.  Within this five minute period, she was able to correctly diagnose the root of my cat's heart disease, advise that the cat would probably get along best with a female kitten, and warned me that the new kitten would make my allergies worse.  Some of these events are still in the future, but Jennifer was spot on for things that happened in the past.  If I ever need to connect with my cat again at a psychic level, I'd definitely go back to Jennifer.Debbie Green

18-I would like to cast my vote for the UNBELIEVABLY BEST all time psychic/medium Jennifer Wallens! My daughter had just lost her grandmother whom she was very very close to, she's the biggest skeptic on the planet. I took her to see Jennifer Jennifer ALL THE WAY FROM HOUSTON Tx. Jennifer proclaimed "there is a new spirit with us, she is with her aunt Nelly, Billy???? .something to that nature!!"  LOW AND BEHOLD it was her Aunt Nilly whom she had been crying out to before she crossed over, it was her Aunt Nillie that raised her!! No one unless they are truly connected would've ever guessed that name!! end of story she's hands-down the best!!!! Might I add she gave my daughter solstice in knowing that there truly might be life after death, or should I say just LIFE!! It definitely helped the healing process for my daughter. Danna Paige Sellers

19-Testimonial for Jennifer Wallens as Best Animal Communicator by Jessica Daniels, Las Vegas  ANIMAL COMMUNICATION. Jennifer Wallens came to my home to help me communicate with my one year old toy poodle named Kernal Custer.  Due to my various disabilities I needed Custer to understand that he was going to be trained as my service dog.  I asked Jennifer to tell him that whenever I put him into his chest harness he must then stop being in "play" mode and go into "working" mode and follow commands.  After a mental chat with Custer, Jennifer said that he really didn't want to be a working dog.  She said he told her that he gets confused easily when it comes to commands and that he just wants to play, play, play his days away.  But Jennifer also said that, in order to please me, he would (begrudgingly) do the minimum training necessary to be qualified as my service dog.  next day, when I attempted to put on his harness, Custer slinked back into his cage.  This was hilarious because before Jennifer communicated with Custer he had always eagerly enjoyed putting on the harness.  A harness once meant he was going out for a fun walk at the doggie park.  Now he totally understood from Jennifer that a harness would mean training.  Every day since Jennifer left my home Custer has continued to slink away in the opposite direction when the harness comes out (it’s been eight months since the reading.) Just as Jennifer said, Custer really doesn't want to be a service dog.  He did make it through his ten week training course.  However, Custer was not a stellar student.  He did the minimum possible to graduate... just as Jennifer predicted he would.  Jessica Daniels Las Vegas



5-Recommendations for Patrice Cole (USA):



·         1-Patrice Cole is AMAZING!!! Truly amazing. You are gifted beyond belief, and even more so, you are a STUDENT!! I feel like every time I speak with you there is something new you have to share with a child learning something for the very first time. You are PURE and you come from a place of LOVE...I think that many people mistake that for what is at the end of the day self serving.... You spoke to me for in excess of 2 hours with the SAME fee...there was NO personal gain for you... NONE at all...SIMPLY YOU, Patrice, doing what you were meant to do. I don’t think there is anything more PURE and self Sacrificing than that. God has several "right hands" to fulfill is mission, to make sense of what seems senseless...YOU are truly a code read the chart, talk to the person and then with INTEGRITY and a sense of DUTY you break it down, so that I, and others like me can understand. YOU ARE A GIFT AND A BLESSING, and I AM THANKFUL that the powers that be deemed it in my best interest to talk to you. You answered more questions in "simple conversation" than many with an agenda will EVER answer. I am grateful and in your debt... NEVER EVER CHANGE!!!!! The world would suffer if you did…Sarah Cayer

·         2-Hi I like to cast my vote for best Astrologer and Numerologist. My dear friend of mine who has helped made a difference to my life her name is Patrice Cole. Whatever you term it I am not going to lie to you at first I was skeptical myself until everything changed when I had a personal reading some time ago with her I can honestly tell you she is so accurate I was completely blown away let alone speechless most importantly close to tears did not know what to say after that it made me think about my life in a way never thought possible I still don’t know what to say even till this very day. To my friend Patrice if she’s reading this thank you so much I am still extremely grateful to this very day and I wish her much success still with her business because she is the real deal so to anyone who is skeptical of Psychics she has done readings with many people before me and can confirm their lives have changed as a result of her work so personally speaking she is the best not only she is accurate she is the most loveliest lady you will ever meet and treats everyone like a friend. Thank you so much for your kind attention, Stelios S

·         3-Hey yall! I'm voting for Patrice Cole for greatest Psychic! She is thee BEST not to mention the sweetest lady on earth! Patrice Cole ROCKS! Jackson D.

·         4-I would like to vote for Patrice Cole as number 1 best astrologer and numerologist! She is so caring and real. A true light in the world today. She always gives me hope and can look into the depth of one’s soul. Truly the world is a better place with Patrice Cole. Her energy is awesome and her Spirit can change your Life. Blessed to know her!!! Vana

·         9-I am author and screenwriter Mark Barresi, and I vote for Patrice Cole for best psychic and astrologer as I have done a few readings with her and she has told me a lot about my past, present and future that holds very true to myself. I fee l she is 100% accurate with her readings and she has brightened my future for me very much, she is awesome. Regards, Mark B.

·         10-Patrice has become a very dear friend and her readings have always been spot on and helped keep me moving in a forward direction. I highly recommend her services as she is so in tune and is always honest and straight forward. A beautiful and talented lady inside and out!! I cast my vote for Patrice Cole for Best Astrologer and Numerologist. Jeanette O'

·         11-I would like to vote for Patrice Cole for best astrologer and numerologist. Last year she predicted I would have good fortune on a full moon and money would be coming my way. The next full moon I won $30,000 in the Mega Millions drawing. She is the best. Great person too. Dave Y.

·         12-I am honored to vote for Patrice Cole as the best, the number 1 astrologer in the land. Her numerological and astrological skills are absolutely amazing to say the least. Coupled with her intuitive and sweet nature her sessions are the best I have ever heard.  Accurate and uplifting only begin to describe her sessions. Thank you. Peace and Blessings. Stacy P.

·         13-My vote for Patrice Cole is for the following reasons: First, she manages most effectively to keep any sense of being jaded out of her approach. Secondly, she has native understanding and capability to tap into manifest energies. Next, Patrice is adept in reading the data and drawing accurate a heartbeat. She is extremely fluent in her chosen set of abilities. Patrice exhibits genuine care and concern. All things considered...Patrice is a powerful and gracious astrologer. Michael Ray Moore

·         14-Hello.I am a client of Patrice Cole's and would like to vote for her for best astrologer and numerologist.  I love her. She is a truly beautiful soul and person who has helped me in hard times to get better and better. She has a real gift and intuition as an astrologer and numerologist. Thank you so much. Sincerely, John A.

·         15-My vote goes to Patrice Cole! Patrice is fantastic and is such a sweetheart! Best!​ Stephanie A.

·         16-I vote for Patrice Cole for Numerology- Astrology for 2014: The beautiful Patrice shines her radiant white light upon the universe with poise and grace. Elissa Eaton: Eaton Alive Enterprises.

·         17-I'm placing a vote for Patrice Cole as the best astrologer and numerologist.  She is so wonderful and sweet.  Takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered.  She is also accurate with her insights from the past and going into the future. Kim…

·         18-I am writing to cast my vote for Patrice Cole as best astrologist and numerologist. I am familiar with these fields and know of no one that surpasses her. She is very gifted and one of the nicest people you will meet. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation. Adqam

·         19-I would like to vote for Patrice Cole as best Astrologer/Numerologist.  Last year when I voted for Patrice, my first reading with her was just a few months before the voting. This year, however, I can say that Patrice! reading was 100% accurate. Patrice definitely has a gift. Since last years reading, I have had additional readings. She is not only spot on, but is just so caring and compassionate.  She spends hours and hours preparing for a reading and then when she has me on the phone, will stay on with me until she is absolutely certain that I fully understood the reading and will let me stay on the phone with her to vent, or just ask questions for as long as I need.  I don't know the other candidates readings, but I do know this one's readings. And she gets my vote!   Pmzm

·         20-Here is my testimonial..... I am glad to vote for a extraordinary personality in astro universe.Patrice Cole is an angel from the home of paradise to guide us and show the right path to us. She is just like a first sunshine of the dawn, who emerge to remove all blackness from life. She guide her clients not like an astrologer ,she treat them like her own part,I can say if people follow her suggested path and do what she will tell, then offcousre individual life would become similar to garden and ,Patrice will beautify your garden by your desired kind of flowers and fruits. So,will say as soon as possible get under into the shadow of Patrice Cole ,she will take care.  Regards Pushkar Gupta

·         21-Greetings,  In very recent time, with a long lost former love of mine, I wanted to know how to become aware of the chain of events of what was keeping me away from moving forward in my life. In my search of these questions and the pain of deep love I had for this woman, I so wanted in my life, I sought answers deep rooted answers , spiritual paths in my personal search for a meaningful answers to my plight of a lost love, the so called girl of my dreams. In this deep rooted fear ,of how I could of been so in love with her and not understand what happen between her and I. Myself someone with a I Q in the 170's a researcher, writer, historian, published, awards, with many things in my life a man of the new age who thought he knew how to heal myself. Now about the someone who I had  search for help for, healing and understanding, and all the things a gifted and talented ,and most intelligent and very effective , with the added care and love from her heart, she brought me back from the ,walking so called broken hearted wounded. A wonderful and truly gifted woman who was able to help me makes sense of all of what happen to me was Patrice Cole , Numerologist and Astrologer, a most gifted person I would say is as close to an angel, then I have ever experienced. What she has done for me is a truly set me into a guided path ,which I know walk on everyday of my life. Without her gift and devotion to help me and I'm sure others the world would be a sad place to live in. Patrice has given me back my life, my time now is spent ,writing ,and doing the other things I was about to give up on. I am a peace inside of myself, and found with her remarkable more then effective means of helping me in the soul searching over my lost love. I really don't how I would of ever understood and conquered my feelings of sadness and lost love. She is truly the best in what she does. Sincerely, Robert Bartel

·         22-Without equivocation, my vote for excellence in Astrology and Numerology is given to Ms Patrice Cole...Ms Cole becomes one in union with her subject and allows the mutual journey of revelation to become an enlightened path for all concerned....Sincerely, Donald H Blum

·         23-Hello there. My vote is to Patrice Cole for the best astrologer and numerologist. Also i wanna say i never meet Patrice before in real life. Just facebook. She always have time for me even for send me blessings or say hello. Is a lovely person. I feel blessed. I meet a man 2 years ago i cant forget him really love him. Patrice sometimes let me know about him because we are far also she gave me advices about this situation. There is hope where is love. She teached me to be positive and strong. And i feel happy for have sweet patrice in my life. I dont have any idea how many hours she work day by day. I dont know how many people she help. Even i dont know how much is it she still dont wanna charge it to me.or she know that i dont have much money or really she love me.  I know she is a  blessed. Always i called my angel friend. And always i will feel gratitude at her. When in my another house where i was living before the owner poison my kittys we cryed together. I dont deserve that to nobody. But really she feel sorry and i dont feel to alone having patrice in my life. Well whos know what will happen next in my life but always im thinking in the man i love and always i feel blessed for have my angel friend near to me. In spirit far in kilometers of distance and very deeper in my heart. Thanks. Hugsss. Bonnie

·         24-My testimonial. I have known Patrice for over 15 years and know just how hard she has studied and mastered her profession. When she does her work, she is spot on in her readings. If a Astrologer or Numerologist is what you're looking for, look no further. Patrice is the best in the field. Capt. Timothy L.

·         25-I am writing to let you know that Patrice Cole, from Hollywood, California, is the BEST, NUMBER ONE Psychic and Astrologer in the entire world!  I have several years of personal experience, and have been fortunate in knowing Patrice and her excellent capacities in these fields. As an Astrologer, she is unparalleled. She has an intimate knowledge of Astrological signs and all the details regarding one's life. In my case, she has been able to give me excellent insight and suggestions in order to help me to improve complex situations and make important decisions. Her insight is impeccable; she is just amazing! She has never made a single mistake or wrong suggestion! As a Psychic, her gifts are astonishing! As you may know, she has been tested extensively under many circumstances, and she has proven herself to be the top Psychic in the world today! She is attuned to what a person really needs to know, and she understands how to advise and give helpful guidance to those who seek her help. I have received feedback from many friends and associates who have sought her services, and they are ALL impressed and satisfied with her skills. I have personally sought her insight many times, and have found her to be very helpful every single time! She takes the extra time to fully enlighten people regarding areas of importance and areas where they should pay close attention to detail. My vote goes 100% to Patrice Cole, for the number one psychic and number one astrologer!!! sincerely, Ann L. Kerber

·   26-Best Astrologer/numerologist. I vote for Patrice Cole. She is amazingly accurate and I am seeing exactly what she predicted and even more. She made herself available for any further explanations after the reading and actually did it when it was asked. Value for dollar is incredible. She deserves a 5 star rating or whatever is the highest allowable. I have referred her to others and they have been as pleased as I was with their reports. Shirley Moore

·   27-My vote is for Patrice Cole she is the "bomb"!  Amazing insight and gifted reader I visit her every year near my birthday. Patricia Hodson 

·      28-I am casting my vote for Patrice Cole for best Astrologer and Numerologist. Patrice is, in my opinion, not only the most knowledgeable, but also so caring and kind and honest. She is a truly credit to the profession. Very sincerely, Jenelle Meyer

·         29-I would like to post a vote for Patrice Cole for Best Astrologer & Numerologist of the year and I have a testimonial about her as well. “I’ve had a few psychic readings and astrology readings, in the past. I found your predictions to be more exact, based on a scientific like method, rather than hunches or intuition. I now understand why things are happening, the way they are…..Now I know what I need to do. Thank you so much for your help Patrice you are the Best!!! ” Kindest Regards Jeanie S Watson

·         30-Here by I testify that I've had few consultation with Patrice and her numerological suggestion were found to be very correct and helpful. I wish her success and I'm pleased to vote and support her as best astrologer and numerologist. Rajendra Singhania Raipur, India

·         31-I am voting for Patrice Cole for best Astrologer and Numerologist....She is thoughtful, concise, and effective...Prof. Timmy Todd

·         32-I vote for Patrice Cole.  She has proved herself over and over that she is the real deal.  She has a lovely, soothing manner and also is a superb astrologer. She's one of a kind and I feel worthy of being on your "best" list. Very Sincerely. Susanne 'Red' Casey

33-I am voting for Patrice Cole, she is the best numerologist and astrologist...ever! I have consulted her for many years and I don't make important business decisions without her. She is amazing!! Dorothy C

34-Hello I def. vote Patrice Cole as the #1 Psychic...because of the following...I am a down to earth kind of guy born and raised in NYC. I've seen psychics from all over but Patrice is in a class by herself. First of all she was very nice and it was strange but awesome how she seemed to read my mind as I thought to speak.. I could feel this awesome energy that grew stronger as she gave me the reading. She amazed me how not only how everything she told me came to pass and happening as we speak but she even touched strongly on things from my past all the way back to my mom when I was much younger their is no way she could of known these things without having some connection with a much higher force far beyound our years of wisdom. We are miles apart and she always contacts me at the right time if something is right or wrong,,.how she does that is amazing. She has saved my life and many others...the one and only true #1 Psychic is def. Patrice Cole!!!!! Thank you for your time. :) Bouleware

35- I have been getting psychic,astrology and numerology from Patrice for over 10 years. She is incredibly accurate while delivering her reading with positive energy. I have referred friends and my clients knowing they will be amazed. Lori Coviello

36-Hello, my name is Jeanette and I wish to vote for Patrice Cole, The Astrologer/Numerologist. Why because I found her very grounded and accurate in her findings and with her charts. She has a wonderful personality and is very ethical. Thank you for reading my email. Yours sincerely, Jeanette Ann Healey.................English..............Living in France

37-I vote for Patrice Cole for best astrologer and numerologist. Patrice Cole sessions are extraordinary . I deeply appreciate Her kindness and exceptional gifts of interpretation .She provides incredible insights, intuitively and precisely focus on whatever one needs to know in the present moment.She brings so much emotional intelligence to what she does and it shines beautifully through all that Patrice say and how she says it...Daniela Wood

38-Wonderful astrologue and numéro ligue. Thank you Carlos Orrego

39-Hello. Would you kindly accept my vote for Patrice Cole as best Astrologer and Numerologist. I reside in Australia and from a young age I have used the services of many Astrologers and Numerologists and have also employed some within a former business I owned. After years of searching near and abroad for the best in Astrologers I found Patrice whom without question is the most naturally gifted Astrologer and Numerologist I have ever encountered. Patrice drips professionalism who is exceptionally comforting and approachable without the commercialized “airy fairy” approaches we often see in today’s times. Having been in business for many years I have learnt to ONLY recommend those who deliver an excellent product and/or service, Patrice in the field of Numerology is the only professional I could wholeheartedly recommend. I could continue to write for hours and share examples of my readings with Patrice and the accuracy of such however this could be endless hence I trust you accept my summation as a pledge of the WORLD’s best Astrologer and Numerologist and that is Patrice Cole. Thank you for your time. Stephen Hodgins

40-I would like to vote for Patrice Cole for best astrologer and numerologist. I would be very appreciative if she gets first price. Regards  Amjad Ullah

41-To whom it may Concern: I  James Comer hereby Cast MY Vote for the absolute BEST ASTROLOGER and NUMEROLOGIST  the brilliant PATRICE COLE. Please enter my VOTE accordantly and Thanks !!

42-Patrice Cole! Hands down! Rich Bledsoe

43-I vote for Patrice Cole for best astrologer and numerologist. I have known her many years and not only is she intuitive and accurate, she is warm, kind and caring. She puts everything she has into her readings - all her knowledge and who she is as a person. Many people can claim she has literally changed their lives with her readings. She deserves this distinctive award. Thank you, Connie Debs

44-I vote for Patrice Cole for best astrologer and numerologist. Patrice shines so much light in her readings that you can really feel as though you are getting a true detailed and accurate reading. Honestly you come out of it feeling as though you have talked to an angel. Catherine

45-I VOTE for Patrice Cole as the BESTEST astrologer and numerologist in the civilized world we know as EARTH. Thank You, Bob Young








·         6-Recommendations for Crista Sokolow (USA):

·        I would like to nominate and highly recommend a wonderful and caring Healer who I have the privilege of knowing- Crista Sokolow, in Las Vegas. She has given me several reiki treatments with amazing healing results. She is highly Intuitive and mediumistic as well; which only amplifies her ability to heal, provide comfort, relieve stress, pain and the effects of emotional trauma in person and remotely. She is the most caring of Lightworkers and deserves to be recognized! Jennifer W.






·         7-Recommendations for Sunhee and Chinhee Park (USA):



·         1-I am casting my vote for Chinhee and Sunhee Park. I have read with both, and they are by far, the best and most accurate readers I have ever read with. Thanks Anne

·         2-I vote for Chineee and Sunhee Parks for Best Psychic in the World. I have talked with Chineee and she is very deserving and accurate. Best, Carl O Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H.  Professor Emeritus, Old Dominion U, Host, Holistic Health Show

·         3-I wanted to submit my vote for: Category: "Best Psychic in the World." My nomination goes to Chinhee & Sunhee Park. They have incredible psychic abilities and have always been on point in their readings from my experience and their delivery is also very comforting. Thanks, Sepideh

·         4-Please accept my vote for Chinhee and Sunhee Park! They are the best! Judy Krol

·         5-I am nominating Chinhee and Sunhee Park for Best Psychic in the World.  They are amazing and incredibly accurate with their in-depth readings.  They are so welcoming and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable in my reading with each of the sisters, it was as if I had known them for years. 

·         6-I have spoken with different psychics in my life and I have never had a reading as detailed and precise. Chinhee even knew my grandfathers nickname for me and he passed away 16 years ago. I was completely amazed! Alisa K. F.

·         7-The compassion and genuine concern that these two women have for others is remarkable.  Their greatest gift to the world is love and they're spreading it everywhere they go!

·         8-Hi, I'd like to vote for Chinhee and Sunhee park. They are amazing, I have had email and phone readings from them and all I can say is WOW! Thank you. Kind regards, Hasith K.

·         9-I'd like to vote for Sunhee Park in the best psychic and medium category. I've spoken to Sunhee a few times and she picked up on a situation surrounding me, without me mentioning a word! She was very accurate in her assessment of the situation and gave sound advice. She is very positive and was very easy to speak to. Highly recommended.  Many thanks. Karen B.

·         10-Chinhee Park is the best psychic. I just had a reading by Chinhee. She told me that the contractor hired to refurbish the deck would not bother any more…he would accept his payment end of it. SHE is right! I received a text message from him stating he received the checks and a 'thank you'. Haven't heard anymore about his wanting more!!  I inquired about a person. She told me the person has few friends. Right about that also!! Since this is a very recent reading, there were other things said which I will have to wait to see come to fruition. I am convinced about her accuracy and psychic abilities. Evy M.

·         11-I vote for Chinhee & Sunhee Park for best psychics in the World.  They were so accurate in doing my reading and in identifying my mom as a huge energy impact on my life. If I can submit more names I would also like to vote for Patti NegriAshlei YatronSheena LaTalk and Love Grado. Thank you! Celeste D.

·         12-I vote for Chinhee and Sunhee Park for World's Best Psychics.  They are the best and they are irreplaceable.  They know everything and have helped me so much.  So glad I got the chance to meet them and have them as part of my life.  Sincerely, Tanya L.

·         13-Just a quick note to say that I would like to cast my vote (actually all 5 votes if possible) to CHINHEE and SUNHEE PARK.These ladies take their talent to a whole different level.  They provide guidance, prayer and healing for the GOOD of their clients.  They are exceptionally wonderful, generous women whose goal is to heal those that they encounter.  Their kind words and healing energies have seen me through some rough times and I would recommend them to any and all seeking good, truth and health in life.  God has blessed them with talent.  A talent which no one else has.  I am fortunate and blessed to know them. Thank you, Nancy

·         14-I vote for Chinhee & Sunhee Park for "World's Best Psychic". These two amazing Women are not only incredible at what they do, they have the ability to connect with people in a real world style. They have shown endless heart and grace with loads of empathy and love, which ride comfortably along side their heightened Psychic talents. Thanking you. Lynley F.

·         15-I would like to add my vote for World's Best Psychic " Chinhee & Sunhee Park" I have had the blessing of a couple readings now and they concerned some financial and issues and selling my house. Because of the information I was given, I was able to let go, relax and just watch the entire flow of my financial state change for the better. Truly a blessing to receive a reading from either of the Park sisters. Amazing women. Sheri B.

·         16-I want to vote for Sunhee and Chinhee Park as the Best Psychics in the world! I've had two readings with them and they are amazing and deserve to win!!! Sincerely, Donna Roden

17-I have been looking to these lovely ladies for guidance and advice and they are always so spot on.  I specially live their no forward/no nonsense approach. I always feel "lighter" when talking to them. She knows exactly why I'm calling and gets to the heart of the matter.  I like that she doesn't give me too much in terms of "what I WANT to hear" and that guidance and honesty is what I love about these two.  Doesn't hurt they have a sense if humor too, lol Love you ladies. Elaine Mendoza

·         18-Just a quick note to say that i would like to cast my vote (actually all 5 vote if possible) to CHIN HEE and SUN HEE PARK these ladies take their talent to whole different level. They provide guidance, prayer and healing for the good of their client. They are exceptionally wonderful generous women whose goal is to heal those that they encounter. Their kind words and healing energies have seen me through some rough times and I would recommend them to any and all seeking good, truth and healing in life. God has blessed them with talent.  A talent which no one else has. I am fortunate and blessed to know them thank you. Nancy

19-Chinhee/Sunhee Park have my vote. They are professional, kind, understanding, and accurate. They are one of a kind. Sincerely,  Rhobert Tachamet

20-Hi, I'd like to vote for Chinhee Park in the best psychic and medium category. I've spoke to Chinhee a few times and live the positivity she sends! She is very direct but answers questions sensitively. I love speaking to her as she challenges my thoughts and makes me think! Many thanks. Karen Barnsley

21-Chinhee and Sunhee Park: "World's Best Psychic” and "Lightworker Woman" "Best psychic Directory/co." – These women make magic happen with the touch of a finger – truly gifted and beautiful (inside and out). They get my vote for everything (but most specifically the above mentioned). Warm wishes, Christina

22-I would like to vote for Sunhee as an unbelievable Medium/Psychic. I have had readings with Sunhee. I live in Australia and she lives in the US. I was in awe during our readings and was amazed about the things she discussed with me regarding my relationship with my twin flame and my career. I would highly recommend Sunhee to be voted as the top Medium/Psychic for this year. Thank you so much Sunhee for your insights and predictions. Marissa

23-I would like to cast my vote for Chinhee and Sunhee Park! I vote for Chinhee & Sunhee Park for "World's Best Psychic" and "Lightworker Woman" award and Espsychics for "Best psychic Directory/co." Prior to having a reading with Chinhee, I had been skeptical of how 'psychic' she really was or if she was just going to give me a very generic reading as some of my friends had received from other psychics in the past. To my surprise (and delight), Chinhee picked up on incredibly specific and detailed life events (past and present) and many of the things she mentioned seeing coming to fruition in my future have already started to happen since our reading a couple of months ago. I was so blown away and impressed with the reading that I referred a few of my very close friends to her and they had the same experience. I'm thrilled that I finally mustered up the nerve to reach out to her and cannot wait for our next reading. Thank you very much, Jen

24-Hello,  I vote for Chinhee & Sunhee Park for "World's Best Psychic" and "Lightworker Woman" award and Espsychics for "Best psychic Directory/co. Chinhee is amazing, as she always knows what's going on with me and  and  gives me the best advice. She gave me the strength to get out of a relationship that she along myself knew had come to a dead end. My life has changed because of her and I couldn't be happier. Repeat customer for my favorite psychic. Janice Daoud

25-I voted already for Sunhee and Chinhee Park for best psychics already but did not realize they are in the lightworker woman award category. Can you please add this vote in that category also? They are two of the most amazing women that I've ever known and they have a heart of gold! They are givers and not takers and have been there for me when I needed them! They are full of love and light and deserve the very best! Thank you so much! Tarah Harper

26-Chinhee Park of esPsychics is one of the best psychics I have ever spoken to. I had a free mini reading with her over the phone, and I must say I was blown away. Chinhee connected with me right away, and made me forget I was talking to a psychic. It was like talking to your best friend. She was extremely accurate and told me things I would not admit even to myself. She also genuinely cares about you. This is not just a paycheck for her, but a calling. I would highly recommended her to anyone looking for a psychic. A.S.

27-Shout Out to Chinhee Park having done some reconstruction at the house with the intent of selling to move.. bids were received to refurbish the deck. The person hired quoted: 2 day's work and gave a quote. It took 4.5 weeks and he only worked 11 hrs total. Once he finished, which was grueling for me.. since I had to be there!!, He then decided to jack up the price 6 times fold what he had quoted. I stood firm and told him I was going to pay him what he quoted although 2 day's work = 2 eight hour days. and he worked 11.hrs. Text messages came back and forth.. during an intense week; he pushing for the final amount and me standing my ground. I sent him his money via mail, certified. I was concerned about retaliation form this person..I spoke with Chinhee. She said I did not have to worry about him. He will not retaliate.. He has another other issue." Well. he texted me stating that he received tha check and "Thank You". That was 3 months ago.. I check the mailbox religiously, daily.. no correspondence from him (GREAT) and the house, and deck are safe and intact. thank you chinhee.. your prediction not only assuaged my fear it was dead on accurate!!!!!!




·         8-Recommendations for Jethro Smith (USA):

·        To whom it may concern:  Here are my votes for Jethro Smith:  Best Psychic, Best Tarot Reader, Best Animal Totem Reader.  Here is a testimony honoring him as well.   Jethro Smith was my first psychic teacher that I have trained with since 2011.  He has been an inspiration to me and continues to be.  He has been a support, friend, mentor, and wonderful boss to me.  I work in his group Psychics Gone Wild on the radio shows.  It has been an honor and blessing to be part of his brilliant and eclectic group.  He is one of the most talented psychics I know on earth.  He will surprise anyone with miracles with his breath taking readings. In a very positive and revealing way.  I highly recommend his readings. I highly recommend his radio shows as well to listen to during the week on Blog Talk Radio. How lucky I have been to be able to be on these shows with the amazingly gifted people he has as hosts and guests.  Jethro is always high energy and booming with creative ideas in achieving his goals and dreams.  He teaches as well psychic development classes and helps others to begin to understand the gifts that we have all inherited within us. He brings humor, kindness, fun, wit and accuracy to others.  He has awesome integrity in his work and has an amazingly top notch work ethic.  I respect him greatly for all of these.  He has a high calling in life. I appreciate him following what he believes and dreams.  He shares this to others on air and in his life.  He is working for the betterment of humanity on this earth and making a difference.  I am happy to be part of his group and teaching. I share these ideals as well.  I have been given an opportunity by Jethro to share my gifts that I did not know I had.  He has helped me and many others to bring them out with patience, kindness, inspiration and generosity.  Jethro has been an earth angel and continues to be.  His genius are his gifts, colorful personality, genuine dedication to his work, and love for helping others and his family. He is a psychic, an empath, tarot reader, angel spirit reader, clairvoyant, telepathic sender, animal totem reader, and more. The list goes on. I am blessed to know and work with him. I love you Jethro!! God bless you!!  Love, Jan Drake Bakke October, 2014




·         9-Recommendations for Suzanne Grace (USA):

·       I- I would like to cast my vote for Suzanne Grace for best Medium, Clairvoyant and Empath. I have talked to her SEVERAL times and she is kind, sweet, gracious and heartfelt, but above all, TRULY GIFTED!!! She is the real deal. She was able to give me specific details on several different things in my life past, present and future. I respect her immensely. She does not ask leading questions, she doesn't give you open ended answers, she is confident in her gifts and trusts that her words are the truth, and they ARE!!! I adore her and I will be a lifelong client. Sarah C.


·         2-I would like to vote for Suzanne Grace for both medium and psychic of the year. I have recently been in contact with Suzanne after feeling the loss of a loved one. Suzanne was able to connect with my loved one and confirm specific information that she would not have been able to know. Suzanne, was spot on with the information she provided, and very quick with her responses. I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with Suzanne and i will definitely be calling upon her services again in the future. I felt very comfortable asking Suzanne questions and Suzanne's responses were always supportive and clear. Thanks again Suzanne. Emily

·         3-! vote for Suzanne Grace. She is very gifted, compassionate, and understanding. She tells you the way her guides see it. No fake. I vote for Suzanne! Michelle


4-I vote for Suzanne grace at espsychics for the following categories: medium, psychic, and light worker. I call her my earth angel; for she has proven her self countless no. Of times. M

5-Please accept my vote for Suzanne Grace for Medium, Psychic AND Lightworker of the year.  She's spectacular!!! Thanks you, Shar Halman

6-Hello I would like to write about Suzanne Grace. I have had a number of readings with Suzanne over the last year and she has made many unbelievable predictions. Once of which was a court case, I had an overwhelming intuition feeling and Suzanne Grace confirmed this. To my surprise about the court’s decision she was correct. I would highly recommend Suzanne to be to be nominated as a medium. Thank you Suzanne you’re an amazing human being. Issy

7-I am voting for Suzanne Grace for best psychic medium. She has confirmed everything that has happened to me in the past year, and out of all the advisors has clarified so many questions in very little time. She is amazing! I wish I would have found her sooner. Her insights have helped me to understand more of my journey as an individual. She has helped in the process of healing myself. I will definitely seek her advise in the future. The trust is there and it is sound. Sincerely, Vanessa Lopez

8-My best wishes and regards to these amazing gifted women ....  my votes  in categories ...Psychic: Suzanne Grace, Jessicca Cannon Haas, Smirti Mukherjee, Irene Hope Burke, Sally Brustowicz. Mediums: Suzanne Grace, Jessicca Cannon Haas, Irene Hope Burke. Tarot: Smirti Mukherjee, Jessica Cannon Haas, Irene Hope Burke, Karina Voroshhilova.

Recommendations :

Suzanne Grace:  As her name speaks .. Suzanne is full of grace ,confidence and light .. amazing connection with vision and feelings .. very accurate with in her readings and bringing forward comfort to those seeking knowledge of their loved ones   as well as  what is going on in the present  ! she is a wonderful light worker filled with light . more than a pleasure to know her  :)    Sherie Hurd Roufosse

Jessica Cannon Haas: I have known Jessicca for years .. she is true to her heart and words . Jessicca  is not only professional , she has a true caring  heart  for and  about her  clients and friends  and  will go the extra step to you help one gain clarity. Her gifts are many including Tarot  and angel cards along with psychic and medium .. I am  greatful  to call her a friend and Peer.  I highly Recommended Jessica! 

Irene Hope Burke : amazing connection !!! psychic ,medium and medicine cards  and so much more. Irene has  help me through alot of distress in my life with spot on readings and advice . spirit is very connected to her  . she has blown my mind more than once .   thank you Irene !!!    Sherie Hurd Roufosse

9-I vote for Suzanne Grace in the category of life coach. She opened my eyes and heart to my deceased stepfather. We had a troubled relationship. She helped me to see that he loved me and was my guardian. In one session, she released years of pain and helped me to forgive him and feel love. She is the real deal, an amazing an gifted woman. Thank you, Shannon Daly.

10-I am voting Suzanne grace for life coach because she has a unique gift on using practical and spiritual information I'm helping me through a difficult time. Greg Cuomo

11-Dear Carla, Marla and Peggy. It is with great pleasure that I send my vote in for Suzanne Grace for the “Best Life Coach Category” Hope you are all well and good luck with all the wonderful work that you do. This year looks to be a larger event than other years so I guess you are extremely busy.Take card and God Bless.Many Blessings. Lynne Caddick, Psychic Advisor/Consultant/Healer. Officially Ranked Worlds Best Psychic 2013/

12-I'd like to vote for Suzanne Grace in the following categories: life coach, light worker, psychic, and medium. Suzanne is honest and direct with a huge, caring heart. She speaks with both wisdom and accuracy. I highly recommend Suzanne to friends and will continue to do so! Thank you,  Chrissy McCamy



·         10-Recommendations for John Capello (USA):

·        1-I would like to cast my vote for John Capello in two medium and best psychic. John is not only very gifted in both categories, but he also is a very talented teacher

·         2-I had a session with medium John Cappello and want to vote for him. Truly remarkable. Jenny Grier

3-Hi My name is SteVen D. LightSpring (  ) and I'd like to nominate JOHN CAPPELLO of the U.S. I've had many "readings", but his stands out as the most thorough, caring and accurate of the hundreds I've had before and since (over two years ago). Thank you! S t e V e n

4-John is awesome! Thanks. Sherri Sengsouvanna

·        5-Please add my vote for John Cappello for Top Medium. He is awesome and a positive, all around nice person, also. Thank you. Trana Simmons, Author/Paranormal Investigator

6-Best psychic and medium. Gwen Boyd




11-Recommendations for Peg Jones (USA):

I- I would like to say that Peg Jones has been a kind and caring friend and mentor to me. A teacher and a counselor. She has been right there for me while going through some health problems I have had and kept up with me on them. I have been helped greatly by her. She has a very sincere and genuine calling in life with her gifts. She is so blessed this way of communicating with the angels. She has also been available when I asked her to fill for others on the radio shows. She is someone you can count on. Along with her comforting and gentle messages and disposition she helps to bridge the gap between the different spiritual worlds. Which include the church and the metaphysical followings. She does this so lovingly and with humility. She is brilliant and an angel here on earth. I thank her for her help to me. I also had the privilege to work with her on the Psychics Gone Wild radios shows. Love, Jan Drake Bakke

 2-Hi, Marla . . . I have three to nominate for best reiki practitioner and they are: Doreen (DC) Love, Eileen Boettcher, Peg Jones. I met all of them when I started working again on "Psychics Gone Wild" on Blog Talk Radio early this year.  I maintain friendship with them through Facebook and have even made an appearance on another show "Crystal Angel Healing Hour" they did together. They are all certified reiki practitioners and through my association with them, I have witnessed their gifts of healing. Thank you for your consideration! Linda Irwin

 3-Hi, Marla . . . I have three to nominate for best reiki practitioner and they are: Doreen (DC) Love, Eileen Boettcher, Peg Jones. I met all of them when I started working again on "Psychics Gone Wild" on Blog Talk Radio early this year.  I maintain friendship with them through Facebook and have even made an appearance on another show "Crystal Angel Healing Hour" they did together. They are all certified reiki practitioners and through my association with them, I have witnessed their gifts of healing. Thank you for your consideration! Linda Irwin



·         12-Multiple Recommendations:

·         Best Psychics Mediums etc. Patti Negri- best psychic medium and witch Sunhee and Chinhee Park - best psychic twins and ET channelers. Gabriela Castillo- Best psychic healer and animal communicator. Suzanne Grace- Best Psychic Medium. Ive worked with all of these spectacular women and am so pleased to call them not just professional relationships, but women I adore and trust implicitly. They have made my life path richer and helped me in countless, unimaginable ways. Everrett






·         13-Multiple Recommendations:

·         Hi I'd like to nominate a few psychics for world's best psychic. I nominate the following: Sunhee Park, Chinhee Park, Suzanne Grace, Kimberly Wilson, and Patti Negri. I have personally had several readings from them over the past year and can attest to their accuracy. ALL of them. They have all helped me with issues over the past year with their abilities and what makes them different and want to cast votes is the fact that they are highly accurate AND have heart. I have never met any of them and yet they know so much about me because off their gifts. Thank you. JS





·         14-Multiple Recommendations:

·         I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I hope you are doing well!  Also, I wanted to recommend Linda Irwin, Lynn Bleasdale, DC Love and Peg Jones. These wonderful ladies are very gifted readers and mediums. They are very kind as well as accurate. I feel their work and talent should be recognized. Again, thank you for your time and consideration! Sincerely, Caterina A. Campagna






·         15-Recommendations for Scott Milligan (UK/Angleterre):


·         1-I would like to vote for Mr Scott Milligan from the UK. I Vote for him as best physical medium in the world after the evidence he has provided and how young he is and  his hard work and dedication. I hope he gets first place. Heidi

·         2-Should be awarded to Scott Milligan, he is amazing. Thank you!!  Jeanette

·         3-Exceptionally talented Scott Milligan. Kingswells House, UK

·         4-I would like to vote for Scott Milligan in the category of physical medium. Scott is bringing this amazing phenomenon to the forefront of our minds. A fantastic natural ability, and one we need to encourage and nurture! Thank you! Smiley G.

·         5-Hereby I would like to vote for Scott Milligan as best physical medium. I have been to many of his seances and I believe that his way of working with spirit is the most powerful to experience. Thank you, Kees Tuijp

·         6-Scott Milligan Always the best :-) Thank you, Lisa Frances 

·         7-I would like to give my vote to Scott Milligan, as best physical medium. He is truly awesome, thank you. Kitty Woud

·         8-I vote for Scott Milligan because I think his work is amazing and he truly inspires. Thank you, Chloe

·         9-I want to vote for America Best Phisical Medium SCOTT MILLIGAN. He is a great Phisical Medium, he deserves really this title. Kind regards Tjitske van der Tol from the Netherlands

·         10-I want to vote for America's Best Phisical Medium "Scott  Milligan" from the United Kingdom. He is a truly Fantastic Phisical Medium and he has a Heart of Gold!!!!!! Good luck Scott and I really hope that you win!!!!!!!!! Eric van der Laan from the Netherlands.

·         11-I would like to vote for Scott. I attend the AFC College in Stansted on a regular basis and have participated in four of Scott's seances. I have also been the independent and personally checked the room, the chair and Scott himself before two of the seances.  I am willing to testify that I did not find anything fraudulent in any of the seances and especially in the two seances that I was randomly picked to be the independent. Joyce Bechard, UK

·         12-Dear, I give my vote to the most honest and wonderful lightworker Scott Milligan. I was Lucky to be at a seance at the AFC in England. Scott is not only a good medium. He is also very gentle and has a great love for the spirit world. He dedicates his life for those in the spirit world. Love like life will never die. Thank you Scott for your dedication and your teachings. Bless you, Marleen

·         13-Hello there I would like to vote for Scott Milligan, physical medium it is always an honour to sit regularly with him and his team. Regards Claire Birkett

·         14-I would like to nominate Scott Milligan for your lightworker’s hall of fame competition. He is wonderful and after seeing his demonstrations of physical mediumship, I have no doubt he should be number one lightworker. Thank you, Lizzie Martell, London, UK

·         15-I would like to vote for Scott Milligan for beiing the best, the very best physical medium! I've been in a view seances with Scott as a medium and I was very impressed. Kind regards, Corina van der Groef Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

·         16-I would like to vote for Scott Miligan for physical mediumship. As he is a true pioneer for the spirit world. Regards Niki 

17-I would like to nominate Scott Milligan of the United Kingdom for best physical medium.  I have seen him work and he is phenomenal. Mary Drew.

18-I would hereby like to cast my votes for the Physical Mediumship Awards on both Scott Milligan and David Thompson. I have seen both perform (Scott several times) and both are just fantastic, incredible what they can do and how they can demonstrate the existence of the Spirit World. For Woman of the Year and Hall Of Fame New Inductees I would like to vote for Jose Gosschalk. Best regards. Jego Besseling, The Netherlands

19-I would like to vote for Mr Scott Milligan uk. I Vote best physical medium in the world after the evidence he has provided and how young he is and  the hard work and dedication for mr Scott Milligan from the uk.I hope he gets first place. Thank you. Heidi




·         _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


·         16-Recommendations for Gordon Garforth (UK/Angleterre):

·         Lightworkers 2014:  I would like to nominate  Gordon Garforth, UK Physical Medium - World's Best Physical Medium  Gordon deserves a place for his unswerving loyalty of over 20 years, in serving the Spirit World for Physical Mediumship.  Since 2012 I have been fortunate to witness his work many times, and receiving personal evidence from Spirit friends, as a member of Gordon's home, Pomegranate Circle, chaired by his dedicated wife Gaynor Garforth, also a Medium. He is a truly genuine, likeable and down-to-earth guy, whom I both trust and respect for his dedication, integrity, service and vocation as a physical Medium. Kind regards. Yvonne Lynn, UK, Intuitive & Visionary Artist  |  Double Reiki Master, Teacher,







·         17-Recommendations for Saundra Greene (USA):

·        1-I would like to nominate Saundra Greene of Laramie, Wyoming, for best numerologist.  She goes beyond simply the calculation of your name and birth numbers to show pinnacles, challenges, and yearly trends as they recur over every nine years.  She has been very accurate with my personal readings and readings she has given to friends who have obtained numerology readings from her. Linda Irwin

2-Saundra Greene has been an inspiration and true teacher and friend since the day I met her which was over three years ago. She is a very generous and kind lady. She has such a strong and beautiful psychic gift and she shares it from her heart. She is also very talented in so many other ways as well. She is also an amazing radio show hostess who is so lovely to listen to with information and wisdom along with her fun and pleasant personality. She is a true gift to this world and for helping others. I will always appreciate her time and generosity to me for so many things she has shared with me. I had the privilege to work with her on the Unseen World radio shows a few years ago that she heads with Linda Irwin. God bless her. Love, Jan Drake Bakke  




·         18-Recommendations for Janice King (USA):

·         I would like to nominate Janice King of West Chester, PA, as one who is intuitive both on a level of personal readings but in interpreting and explaining about over-all planetary trends and influences, giving advice on how to rise above any negative aspects that may occur.  In addition, she does other types of readings and counselling as well.  She is very accurate and I can attest that personally what she has advised for me in upcoming life patterns has come true for well over the last year. Linda Irwin






·         19-Recommendations for Reverend Mychael Shane (USA):

·         1-My vote is for Reverend Mychael Shane, an amazing Physical Medium who apports gemstones, jewelry and more from his mouth in white light. Also he is an outstanding trumpet medium and trance medium. Reverend Ken Lee

·         2-Dear Poll, I would like to cast a vote for Best Physical Medium for Rev. Mychael Shane of the Order of Divine Light, Anchorage, Alaska USA and a vote for Best Medium for Rev. Patricia O'Boyle of Anchorage Alaska USA. Rev. Rory O'Boyle Anchorage Alaska USA







20-Recommendations for David Thompson (Australia/Australie):

1-I wish to vote David Thompson for America`s (International) Physical Medium. He's wonderful! Many thanks. Leanne Hyland

2-I would like to recommend David Thompson, Physical Medium and tutor for a Lifetime Achievement Award. I have followed his career for many years, have attended his amazing séances and can attest to the absolute validity of his mediumship. He has devoted his life to the development of his gifts in the face of difficulties and skepticism. He deserves to be recognized as a Medium and Lightworker who has patiently and diligently followed his calling from Spirit by sharing his wonderful gifts and continuing his inspirational hard work around the world to the betterment of all who come in contact with him and his Spirit Team. Jennifer W.

·        3-I would hereby like to cast my votes for the Physical Mediumship Awards on both Scott Milligan and David Thompson. I have seen both perform (Scott several times) and both are just fantastic, incredible what they can do and how they can demonstrate the existence of the Spirit World. For Woman of the Year and Hall Of Fame New Inductees I would like to vote for Jose Gosschalk. Best regards. Jego Besseling, The Netherlands

4-I would like to cast my vote for David Thompson under the Physical Medium category. I have attended two of his seances, and they were absolutely amazing! One of the best experiences of my life! Thank you! With many blessings, Jacque McPherson

5-David Thompson; from being with him I learned so much about live and Trance and the alternated state, it changed my life, during my development there was always a bit of doubt about the alternated state of trance, being at 2 séances and the prove of life after Death talk  with one 1 off his guides ,change. My life for ever. Greetings. Danielle Nijhuis




·         21-Recommendations for Sunanda Sharma (India/Inde):

·       1-  I chose to vote for Ms. Sunanda Sharma in the best psychic, tarot reader and healer categories. It has been a singular privilege to have known Sunanda for the last 01 Year and availed of her astutely insightful, "Tarot Readings". She is a GR8 "Social Shrink" with accurate predictions / guidance of things to come by. Regards, dinesh Malhotra, India

2-My recommendation for "lightworker woman of the year " goes to Sunanda Sharma; she is very genuine and truly giving soul, ready to help and guide. She is true to her words. Vote - voting for her in the best tarot reader  psychic category. Regards, Mickymona india






22-Recommendations for E. Anderzen (USA):

Elisjah Anderzen is one of the most gifted healers I have ever known or met. He is also a very kind person with a lot to share and do in this life and for our earth. He gave me a wonderful healing reading as a gift to me and it was so accurate. I have been doing many of the things he has asked me to do. I have seen benefits from them. He is extremely gifted as a medium and healer. With his kind and gentle disposition he melts ones hearts and shares profound information to others. I recommend his work and am grateful to him. I had the privilege to work with him as well on the Psychics Gone Wild radios shows. Love, Jan Drake Bakke






·         23-Recommendations for Diane Hiller (USA):


·         1-I want to vote for Diane Hiller, her reading is very accurate and she is a wonderful person with love and hope. Thank you. Sincerely, Wendy Yu

·         2-I'd like to cast a vote for Diane Hiller under the mediumship category. I was amazed by her accuracy during a recent reading. She didn't ask for dates of birth or names and immediately knew what the problem was. She described the situation perfectly and gave advice on how to deal with it. She also made suggestions on how to improve matters. Highly recommended. Many thanks, Karen

·         3-I would like to nominate Diane Hiller for The World's Best Lightworker in the category USA Medium. It was my first visit to a Medium, I was nervous and did not know what to expect, hesitant whether to believe.  Diane is a truly gifted woman.  She was right on with names, time frames and situations without me giving her any details. Diane impressed me with her accuracy. I did not leave without her giving me advice and words of encouragement. I am grateful to have her in my life and highly recommend her! Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Heike

4-Diane is a phenomenal psychic. I've called her regarding love interests to questions about financial security.  She didn't have a clue about Bitcoin and said she didn't know what it was but she got a good vibe about it so I bought some and have doubled my money. I also asked her about a man I was interested in named Rob, she picked up on his sadness because his wife recently passed and said to give him some time & he would come around.  So far she has been right about many of the questions and concerns I've had. Of course I have referred her to many of my friends who are also as equally impressed with her accuracy. Diane has gone above and beyond to help me, I think she's fabulous and whoever crosses her path is going to be blessed. Sincerely,Trisha Ellis

5-Diane is amazingly gifted. Joy

6- I want to nominate Diane Hiller of Connecticut both for mediumship and feng shui. Her talent far exceeds what I thought psychics could do. Her use of feng shui to help her clientele along with extremely accurate readings and medium abilities are undeniable. She  proceeded to tell me a full year of my life with accurate dates, times and life events in one reading. She connects with others easily and provided information no one could possibly know.....Her feng shui guidance adds to her already amazing abilities to make her incredibly diverse and unique. I assure you she is the best. Please know without reservation I nominate her for top medium and top feng shui master...Kindly, Wendy Bonola

7-Ms. Cohen, I would like to nominate Diane Hiller for top medium and feng shui master. Diane is incredibly talented and has been able to provide me very accurate and guiding information. She has been a life saver! Her feng shui consult has enabled my home to be a place of refuge and positive spirit. She is extremely gifted and an all around wonderful person. Thanks, Sandra Caucci

8-Good morning, I would like to cast my vote for best psychic Diane Hiller . Last year when she was visiting Boston I had my home as well as my business Feng shui,as well as a reading . She is amazing ! Thank u. Mary Egan Licensed Acupuncturist


9-I will like to vote for Diane hiller for the best medium and best person to go too with problems, shes always very patient and really work hard for her customers, thank Diane for all your help, love Domenica, good luck




·         24-Recommendations for Bernie Scott (UK/Angleterre):

·        1- I am e mailing to nominate Bernie Scott from Bristol, United Kingdom as best Medium. I have been going to Berni every year, once a year for over ten years now so that I can chat to my Mum, Auntie and now sadly this year to my Dad. I have seen many mediums over the 35 years since my first encounter, but no one is quite like Berni. Her ability to bring laughter and joy from the spirit world with such accuracy is astounding. I have also introduced many of my friends and contacts to her and never has one of them left without feeling exactly the same way that I do. The comfort, happiness and reassurance you leave a reading from Berni with is worth more than anything. She truly is an incredible medium and absolutely deserves to win this recognition. Kind regards Julie Reed, Bristol, UK


2-Iwould like to nominate Bernie Scott for the lightworkers award. I have had many readings with many mediums over the past twenty years but Berni stands out above all others. In the first reading she gave me proof my son was around me and gave me details of a recent conversation I had with someone. She was very specific as to what had been said, even though only I and the other person had been there and it took place 200 miles away from Bernie. Over two years later she gave my sister and I a reading, giving us details of our grandfather who died 30 years ago. She is everything you want from a medium - down to earth, funny, caring and gives real evidence of those in Spirit. Thank you Regards Lin Block

3-Please take this email as my vote for Bernie Scott, Bristol, England who has provided great comfort and upliftment to many individuals who have received messages and/or readings. Many thanks. Kind regards Jane Barton 

4-I nominate BERNIE SCOTT who lives in the UK. Bernie Scott is a Medium, who I have seen several times over the years. I have been a lucky one in an audience with Bernie and received a reading from her and I have had one-to-one readings. I have also taken friends and family to see her for readings. She is a lovely, caring, compassionate person with a sense of humour.I VOTE BERNIE SCOTT. Thank you Julie Hawker

5-Lightworker of the year: Please accept my vote for Bernie Scott from Bristol UK. Bernie has helped so many with by giving love and evidence plus assurance to thousands in need. Love and Light, John






·         25-Recommendations for Jo Dutfield (UK/Angleterre):


·         1-I would like to nominate JO DUTFIELD from Jo Dutfield from the whole of you who is based in Somerset , England, UK. This is for the category of healer and reiki practitioner and mediumship. She really is someone unique and with all her skills, she really does treat 'the whole of you', mind body and spirit. Thank you Jason

·         2-Hi Please can I nominate Jo Dutfield as an amazing Reiki practitioner. Her work is truly incredible and has helped me immensely. Many thanks. Regards. Lisa Flux

·         3-I would like to nominate Jo Dutfiekd for the category of Best Medium, best healer & best Reiki practitioner.  I have been having readings & healing from Jo for over two years now, she is amazing.  Her accuracy, detail and evidence in her readings is wonderful and I'm always taken aback by the things she brings through.  Her healing is also incredible.  She has helped me heal huge issues within my life in a caring, loving and compassionate way.  Her Reiki treatments are just amazing too. I'm very lucky to have found Jo.  Thank you Rita Hampton Taunton.

4-I vote for Jo Dutfield for the category of Reiki Practitioner. I've not know Jo for long but she's an amazing lady, I've recommended her to all my friends, she's friendly, welcoming, puts you at ease and is brilliant at what she does. I'm now seeing her once a month as she makes me feel fab. Regards, Karen

5-I vote for Jo Dutfield For the category of Reiki Practitioner. I met Jo during treatment for breast cancer and her Reiki during Chemotherapy helped me get through this desperate time. Having finished treatment I know visit her once a month to keep topped up and have recommended her to everyone! Kind Regards Julia Gaskell

6-I vote for Joe Dutfield. She has helped me through very difficult times, not over yet, with amazing healing in my new knee, and also with my old Mum who has dementia and is a very unforgiving lady now. Joe has helped me to help myself in both physical and mental healing. Mary Ann Mc.

7-I vote for Jo Dutfield for the category of reiki practitioner. From the moment you enter Jo's home you feel you have found an oasis of calm and serenity. You leave feeling good about yourself, not once but every time. Vicki Mcniven

8-I vote for Jo Dutfield for the reiki practitioner award. She has helped me heal emotionally and physically in ways convention care and treatments failed. She is truly remarkable. I hope she wins. She is an exceptional lady. Sue H

9-I would like to vote for jo dutfield. I think she is the best reiki healer. Jo has practised reiki healing on me several times and every time i feel regenerated with a perfect feeling of inner peace. Jo is obviously very passionate about reiki And this comes across every time i see her.. Glory R.

10-I would like to vote for Jo Dutfield for Best Medium & Best Reiki Master/ Practitioner. I have been a client of jo's for over a year and on every level she always exceeds my expectations. Kind regards  Abby Whittaker

11-Attention Maria C. I have regular healing from jo Dutfield and find the results truly amazing. I would like to nominate her in the following categories: Reiki practicioner Light worker of the year Medium. With kind regards. Adam Pope. UK

12-I would like to give my recommendation for joanne Dutfield as Lightworker of the year.  I met Jo about five years ago when she gave me healing & a reading, her healing is nurturing and caring pm as well as being very relaxing and beneficial.  The reading gave me great comfort as it bought evidence from loved ones which was accurate and detailed.  Her predictions were incredible and Infact have all since come true.... Can I please give my vote for Joanne Dutfield in the following categories ..Reiki practitioner & master Medium Lightworker of the year. Very Many Thanks Caroline 






26-Recommendations for for Amy Cavanaugh (USA):

 Amy has been a true inspiration and friend that I have known for several years. She was the first one I did a Psychics Gone Wild show with on Blog Talk Radio and she was amazing in this show. I saw my first animal totem so to speak in a live reading on air and she encouraged me to share it and then she looked it up and shared the information of it for the caller. I have been doing the animal totems ever since. Amy is a true healer and catalyst for growth and miracles. I have been there so many times to witness this in others she has dealt with.  She is a delight to listen to and to hear her brilliant wisdom that pours out of her so freely and genuinely. Her sense of humor is a treat and she will keep you laughing and also thinking at the same time. Her abilities are grand and she has such masterful messages to give. I am grateful to her. Love, Jan Drake Bakke





·        27-Recommendations for  Anita Rosenberg (USA):


·         1-I've been working with Anita Rosenberg for years.  I'm a home stylist and I find her expertise helps to enhance my work for my clients.  I've even reached out to her to advise me on the build out of my store.   Every year I've seen my business grow and I credit Anita for helping me create a flow that gives great energy to my shop. Tara Riceberg. Giftologist TWEAK The Original Giftery

·         2-I am casting a “yes” vote for Anita Rosenberg as the best expert in Feng Shui Category. My testimony:  “I am a Realtor and went to Anita for help in selling homes in a difficult market. I had a few sessions with Anita and bought her book, in a very short time it transformed my business and my staging ability.  She helped me address the home, its energy and taught me what to do how to treat the home to see its assets and liabilities and address those issues to get it sold.  It worked!  I have had great success selling difficult homes because of her teachings, book and her guidance”.  Diana Garcia

·         3-I vote for Anita Rosenberg in the best Feng Shui expert category.  My house is filled with amazing crystals, plants have been moved to create intimate spaces, couches relocated to open up socializing. The list goes on!!! Elena H.

·         4- I vote for Anita Rosenberg for "Best" in the category of Feng Shui Expert. She has helped change the energy in my home and office and in turn she has changed my life. Every six months I have a check up!  It works for all areas of life - health, love and success! Thank you, Darla Marasco Vice President of Post Production Original Productions / MAX Post A Fremantle Media Company

·         5-Vote For: Anita Rosenberg for "Best" in the categories of Feng Shui Expert. Anita Rosenberg is an

·          excellent Feng Shui teacher and expert.  I am convinced that through the Feng Shui advice she gave us she helped my husband and I form a longstanding and solid relationship that is flourishing today alongside our newborn son Oscar. Infertility was another matter addressed and eventually resolved by Anita. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone. Deirdre McGinni

·         6-She is awesome!!! cory brian ingram 

·         7-I vote for Anita Rosenberg for best feng shui professional! Within hours of her leaving my house. I got a new client and increase in business from current client! Jude Logan

·         8-Vote for Anita Rosenberg for "Best" in the categories of Feng Shui Expert. She’s a great speaker and author on the topic as well.  I always recommend her. Laura Pardini

·         9-I vote for Anita Rosenberg in the best feng shui category. She is very thorough, pleasant to work with and explains everything down to the last detail. Thanks, Suzanne Novik

·         10-I vote for Anita Rosenberg, The best…She did my home and was amazing! Nothing but good things have come, she is fantastic! Marshall Peck

·         11-Anita is truly gifted. She is an amazing soul. Thank you, Monica Lee Eisenbeis

·         12-I am voting for Anita Rosenberg for the International best in Fung Shui category! She has a real gift! Thank you, Jill Shuller

·         13-I have turned to Anita for guidance in clearing up and balancing my new Condo. Within minutes she got right down to business. Everything she said made sense to both me and my husband. He at first was reluctant, but Anita's no nonsense style put him at ease quickly. I'd say Anita is super down to earth in an area that can often leave people questioning how Feng Shui really works. Not only have we noticed a difference since making Anita's guided changes, but everyone who enters our home comments on how warm and comforted they feel here. Yea Anita! I’d recommend her over and over again! Thanks for listening! Best Rachel Whiting 

·         14-I am casting my vote for Anita Rosenberg as the Best Feng Shui Expert. She was immensely helpful with insights on my retail space. Her bazi astrology counseling is helpful and amazing! Thanks! Libby

·        15-Anita Rosenberg has been my go-to girl for over a decade! Her suggestions helped make an uncomfortable neighbor situation evaporate! Many blessings and thank you- Kristen Eykel

·         16-Anita’s passion, expertise and drive to make the entire city of Los Angeles and beyond aware of the effects and benefits of Feng Shui should definitely win her a prize! Debi Dion, Lucky Feather


·         _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

28-Recommendations for Jake Samoyedny (USA):

1-Good Afternoon! I would like to nominate Jake Samoyedny, in the categories of medium and psychic. The following is his bio: Born a medium, he has trained with some of the best mediums alive today. Jake has also studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for Psychical Studies in Stansted, England. He is a member of The Spiritualist National Union International and a member of The Lily Dale Assembly. Jake is a Registered Medium at Lily Dale, America’s oldest Spiritualist Community. He is a member and a demonstrating medium at The Journey Within Church. Jake lives a spiritual life and has devoted himself to serving Spirit through Evidential Mediumship, bringing comfort to those searching for proof that our lives and bonds of love are everlasting. Jake resides with his two children and does readings in the suburbs north of New York City and can also be found living and serving Spirit in Lily Dale, New York during the summer months. Jake's book, "The Compassionate Medium" is a thought provoking masterpiece that brings those of us with no spiritual gifts into understanding the fascinating spiritual realm.  Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to highlight the talents of the worlds best spiritualist, and Jake is one of the best! Sincerely, Julie McCarthy

2-I would like to cast a vote for Jake Samoyedny for Best Medium and Best Psychic.  He really helped me last summer with the death of my son. Sincerely, Kim Zumpano

3-I would like to vote for Jake Samoyedny for "Best Medium" and "Best Psychic." He is an amazingly gifted, kind man who truly gave me a sense of peace and happiness! K. Mergler

4-I would like to vote for Jake Samoyedny for BEST MEDIUM and BEST PSYCHIC! He has helped me tremendously!!  I keep going back to see him every year!  He is very deserving of those awards!  Thank you very much, Tammy Rapp

5-I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY vote for Jake as the best medium that I have ever encountered and I have had many, many, many readings.   He is "right on" in an unbelievable manner!!!!  He should win the highest award available and I have referred him to many of my friends and they feel the same way!!!! Dr. B.

6-Reason totally expressed with his abilities.  Blessed with awareness. Gifted with his ability to connect, and names.  Excellent reader. Btankful

7-To Whom it May Concern:  I would like to place a vote for Jake Samoyedny for “Best Psychic” and for “Best Medium.”  His “work” with me has been an incredible and healing experience.  Sincerely, CRM,  Erie, PA






·         29-Recommendations for Karina Voroshilova (USA):

1-Hi my name is Daisy....I would like to highly recommend Psychic Karina Voroshilova. She is a psychic, medium, healer, tarot, and energy worker. I have known Karina for a number of years and trusted her because she is very accurate in her readings. She is reliable with always keeping timings for our scheduled readings.  She is also good at TELLING time, i sometimes joke and call her the "time telling medium" she can pinpoint how many days before something happens or what time someone will arive. I sometimes am shocked that she has this gift, its pretty crazy and cool at the same time. In addition to this she is a great medium she is able to do wonderful readings with detail and give precise information that makes you feel like she knows exactly what you are going through or worried about. She also offers great guidance and makes you laugh yet feel comfortable. She is extremely kind and makes you feel at ease during the reading. She also explains the cards very well and can provide her client with energy healing which actually works. In the past she has been able to remove a bad headache and clear any mental anguish or worries. I am happy to know Karina very closely over the past few years and would recommend her to anyone looking for someone accurate kind and helpful. I hope this testimonial is of use and again I def would recommend Karina Voroshiova. Thank you, Sincerely, Daisy Rathod

2-Hi id like to recommend Karina Voroshilova. She's a great psychic and medium and healer. She is able to touch with her clients to a deeper level and provide helpful information in her readings. I would highly recommend Karina and am glad I know her. Dara




·         30-Recommendations for Legina Waters Smith (USA):

·         I am giving my vote for Legina Waters Smith who is powerful, emphatic and accurate reader with caring, clarifying and honest readings. Janette Metso





·         31-Recommendations for Michele Gilhouse (USA):

·         I've received a reading from Michele Gilhouse and the Park sisters. They were the best, most accurate readings I have ever had, even more accurate than more expensive in person readings I have had at various places in Los Angeles. Sincerely, Eric H.









   32-Recommendations for Kelly Coulter (USA):

Kelly Coulter has been a friend and healer to me personally since I have known her. She has been beyond generous and kind to me over the years concerning my health and anything I wanted to know when she was managing in a group I was in with her. She has a brilliant sense of insight and knowledge as well. She is psychic and so gifted in her ability to help and to care for others. She is kind and has a unique gift in her amazing KC Card reading abilities. She also has amazing organizational skills for business and management. I will always appreciate what she did for me. Love, Jan Drake Bakke 








33-Recommendations for Sherie Hurd Roufosse (Canada):

1-My name is Art Lander,  I like to recommend Sherie Hurd Roufosse as the medium of the year , she help me and my family  to find peace with my spiritual brother and father, she is the best and very nice and easy to talk. Art Lander

2-I recommend sherie as she is amazing. I can't thank her enough for the two years commitment of support she has given me. She is truly unique and just totally spot on in all aspects. An amazing contribution to all of her fans. Thanku. Cheryl

3-Ive had many readings from Sherie hurd Roufosse , and she has always been successful in providing me the information I require. She has always shown to be truthful and kind in her words when giving what she is hearing. I really appreciate the work she does and the manner she provides it in, Ive always enjoyed receiving messages from her. She is truly one of the best mediums and psychics, Ive ever had the pleasure of knowing....

4-Sherie is a super psychic, she is kind and straight forward with what she visions and I believe she is correct in what she see with people. For instance she said I would be with some one who's name starts with a D and sure enough I am! As well as she said my daughter was going to have a new beginning and Yes she is in a beautiful relationship with a really nice boy! So she knows her stuff far as I am concerned she should be number 1 in the world!!!  Sincerely, Brenda Hicks Sheriff

5-I would like to cast my vote for Sherie Hurd Roufosse in the categories of Medium and Psychic.  Sherie is absolutely amazing.  I sought her assistance a few months ago.  My tenant is a coroner and brought home a trickster ghost from work.  At first we were all very skeptical at to what was happening……. but things kept disappearing – big things….important things!   Sherie was so supportive and provided assistance and guidance in moving our trickster along but also in retrieving our belongings.  She is a gifted and caring soul.  She has our total support. Kind regards, Margret Vancouver, BC

6-I would like to vote for Sherie Hurd Roufosse as psychic reader, she is a very warm soul, loving and caring in her readings. Truely amazingly accurate with her predictions and  information. Thank you yours sincerely, Dianne Benier Adelaide South Australia

7-Sherie Hurd-Roufosse for Medium.  Lovely person, talented medium. Lorraine

8-I am voting for Sherrie Roufosse   In Canada For two categories Psychic and Medium . Sherrie is a wonderful psychic and was unbelievably accurate in her reading with me.  We discussed my future job situation and finances.  She was spot on in both instances. As for Mediumship   I felt as if she knew my Grandmother personally.  Telling me things only my Grandmother knew.   I was comforted and calmed knowing she was at peace. Please count my vote for Sherrie Roufosse in Canada for these two catagories. Thank you. Hugh A. Adams. New Orleans, LA.  U.S.A..

9-Dear Marla C, I would like to very strongly nominate Sherie Hurd Roufosse  for consideration for  the following three categories  Psychic, Medium and spirit  and hall of fame. I would like to vote her for all the three categories. I have known Sherie for last one and a Half years and i can confidently say that i yet have to come across one who can better her. She is such a kind person that had i the power i would refer to her as an angel and god send guide who is very kind hearted and not at all money minded but has every mind to see that people are assisted. She goes out of her way to make sure that she assists me in every area be it business, marriage, health etc. She has been extremely accurate and she deserves this vote. Kindly please assist in doing the needful. Kaushik Panchmatia

10-After the death of my fiancé Sherie was a tremendous help. She was in contact with Gail many times. Sherie did more for me to find comfort by telling me what my fiancé was giving her in response to my questions.This in turn gave me so much to hold onto in such hard times.I know it was Gail that Sherie had tuned into because she was able to tell me so many specific things that only Gail would have known! When it comes to “Spirit Photography” Sherie is absolutely mind blowing! You can see so faces and full body apparitions. Sherie Hurd Roufosse is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever known! Thank you,Todd MacIsaac

11-I would like to add  Sherie Hurd-Roufosse to the spirit photo as she is always taking her pics of her orbs, cool ::) Wanda




34-Recommendations for Tracy Lee Nash (USA):

1-I'm voting for Tracy Lee Nash for best psychic, she's amazing, she's never been wrong about anything I've talked to her about. A wonderful human being! Thank you, Courtney B.

2-I would like to vote for Tracy Lee Nash as World's Best Medium. I recently talked with Tracy for a period of time and she was simply amazing. I plan on contacting her again soon. She was awesome! Thanks, Jo Ann Crabtree

3-I would like to vote for Tracy Lee Nash as World's Best Medium.  Tracy recently helped me through some difficult times and was spot on with her remarks and comments! I can’t wait to talk to her again! Thanks, Jo Ann T.

4-I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for World’s Best Medium. She read for me and was so good that it was scary!  She was the best I have ever talked with and I can’t wait to speak to her again! Jarr

5-I am voting for Tracy Lee Nash for "World's Best Medium". I've had numerous sessions with Tracy Lee Nash over the years and have never been disappointed with her services. She is amazing! Lulanca

 6-"World's Best Psychic". I have had three Psychic readings from Tracy and found her to be accurate and very therapeutic with her readings. Every reading I have had with Tracy was so healing and beneficial. She has an amazing psychic ability. Debbie

7-Tracy is World's Best Medium in my book. She helped me after my husband died, when I was puzzled that I couldn't contact him myself.The first thing Tracy mentioned in her reading was, "Well, he's not going to be any more communicative now than he was before." I had to laugh at what she said, because here he was, a man who took 20 years to tell me he'd rather I peeled the potatoes first before frying them. J.K.

8-World's Best Medium, Tracy's communication with spirit is undeniable. Her abilities and understanding of the responsibility of her gift separate her from any other medium. Laurie

9-I am voting for Tracy Lee Nash, because she embodies what a true spiritual medium is. She has integrity, honest and her messages are the most healing for the soul's journey.  She is not only the best medium, she is also a mentor and example for me. She has been such a gift to me and others. Darlene Elliot

10-"World's Best Psychic" or "World's Best Medium" Tracy has done readings on myself and both my husband and I at the same time.   She has not only brought "the other side" across, which brought SO much closure to issues we both had from the past, but also to current issues that all came to pass as she said they would.  We are so blessed to have Tracy work with us.  She is truly gifted beyond words.  My husband was such a skeptic until Tracy did our reading, especially with the "other side," that now he has no doubts what-so-ever.  I remember when she was reading for me, she asked who "Kiki" was.  NO ONE knew this name.  I just started sobbing.  As a small child I couldn't say my brother's name, Lenny and thus my word for him was Kiki.  He had been crushed to death at work when he was 24.  He was only 5 years older than I and we were so close as I got older.  My husband and I were only married 6 weeks when he was killed.  So bringing him through meant everything to me. Beverly L. W.

11-I would like to vote for Tracy Lee Nash. I had a reading with her in person and by phone. Both times she was so accurate, it blew my mind! She delivers the message so clear and with total love and respect. Because of her I look at life and death in much more of a positive way. Ljlee

12-The best medium and psychic in USA!! She is an awesome person all around - blessed to know her. Trish

13-I cast my vote for Tracy Lee Nash for "Best Medium" and "Best Psychic" USA. Tracy has worked with me on healing which helped me a lot not only for pain, but also for relaxation. She also has done readings for my whole family. She is exceptionally kind and personable. I would and do recommend her to anyone. Her ability to "read" is phenomenal. Thank you, Marsha H.

14-Outstanding psychic. Sally Wolf

15-Wow, unbelievable and great !  Walt Oliver

·        16-I would like to cast my vote for Tracy Lee Nash in the category of World's Best Psychic. Tracy has given me the affirmations that there is life beyond this earthly plain. Her predictions have been very accurate and she knew things about me that NO ONE has ever known but me. She truly has a gift and a heart to go along with it.Trini

·        17-She is amazing.  You feel that she knows you better than anyone else.  She is so intuitive. Paula Shilts.

·         18-Tracy made contact with my father whom had passed, and told me things from him that nobody else knew. She helped our family to be at peace after my Dad's passing. She truly has a gift! Dalphn

19-Hello, I would like to cast my vote for Tracy Lee Nash as World's Best Medium. Tracy has read for me twice, and both times I was able to connect with people I most needed a message from, and even with a precious pet. Tracy's validations were clear, even in a room of 10 or more people, and she was very attentive to each person there. My personal experience was one of validations that she could have had no way of knowing, and which were very meaningful to me. She helped me connected with my father, and months later, with my mother who hasn't passed yet, but who was in a vegetative state. I hadn't been able to speak with her for months, and never expected to connect via medium, was very blessed to get that last chance before she passed on, just a couple of months later. Tracy is such a comforting presence, I've even sought her counsel when I was just having a hard time coping with grief, not for a connection, but because she is wise, and kind. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to vote for my favorite medium, Tracy Lee Nash. Melodie Henderson Magouirk

20-I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for Best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015!" She is an amazing and beautiful soul. Her readings are right on and so detailed. Blessings. Denae Duarte

21-Tracy is the most tuned in psychic I've ever met. Her accuracy, honesty and compassion are remarkable. Laurie O.

22-I Vote For Tracy Lee Nash. 22 years ago we had her come to an 18th birthday party for my son and she read the guests one by one and she was so right on she read for  the kids they were all 17 and 18 so it took some time for results she was right and they still talk about it today. Judy Aafed

23-"I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for Best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015!" Tracy Lee Nash is the most nicest and professional Medium ever!  She was over for a group reading and my husband was a last minute fill in. She was so accurate about his mother and things from his childhood that no one knew. She also surprised me when she walked through my door , she turned and looked at me and said " who is the man that is keeping an eye on your house and next door?  She said he's a father figure and he's patrolling ". He was my father, I have been hearing footsteps around my house and next door my mom lives there so he has been watching out. She new that as soon as she walked into my house! She deserves to be the Best Medium USA 2014-2015.  Thanks, Annette Jennings

24-I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015. When I first met Ms. Nash the she shook my hand and said "its so nice to meet you I'm a psychic medium and by the way who is George?'. Instantly I was floored! George is my uncle who became a quadriplegic from a  motorcycle accident in 1976 and died 6 months later from his injuries. Since I was three at the time of his death I did not know the details of the accident or the date of his death. Ms. Nash was able to tell me everything and more. Since my uncle was unable to talk for the 6 months while people visited him he was able to give messages to Ms. Nash for all the unanswered questions my family had.  Later my father and grandmother confirmed the information she gave me.  Ms. Nash also picked up on someone in my family who had died in a train crash. I repeatedly told her there is no one in my family who died that way. She later was able to tell me the family member in question said my son was his name sake. My husbands grandfather died in the late 40s in a train derailment. My husband and I decided to name our son after a grandfather he never met to please his father.  We had never told anyone outside the family. My first response was that's my husbands family, Ms. Nash replied by saying "in heaven even you husbands family is your family". I have a deep admiration and respect for Ms. Nash's ability. Before her I never believed in psychic mediums. She was able to tell me information I didn't even know about my family.  Kristi Silva

25-I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for Best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015.I had an amazing session with T.L. It was a beautiful experience I will treasure forever. Wind

 26-I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for Best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015! She is accurate and SPOT-ON EVERY TIME. Judy

27-Tracy Lee Nash gets my vote! I've been read by her and she's truly amazing and accurate. Tracy Lee Nash is an incredible medium.  She is extremely intuitive.  She helped heal from a loss and move forward.  My sister sought guidance in her health and she told me, "Tracy, knew me better than anyone I have known in my life."  She is the real thing and such a caring and loving person in her readings. She has truly saved my life and given me so much guidance and healing over the years… amazing gift she has. Kristi B. Tracy Lee Nash gets my vote! I've been read by her and she's truly amazing and accurate. My name Angie Due

28-I cast my vote for Tracy Lee Nash for "Best Medium" and "Best Psychic"  USA.” I had a reading with Tracy. It was my first time ever doing a reading, but after losing my sister, I had so much grief and anxiety that I had to try something. A friend of mine actually set the reading up for me because she knew I probably wouldn’t do it on my own. After meeting with Tracy, I had so much more peace and my anxiety began to go away. I had happy thoughts of my sister, not the horrible ones that kept going through my head. She helped me come to terms with my sister’s passing and put happy memories as my last ones with my sister. A Mermaid

29-"I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for Best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015". I had a reading with Tracy Lee Nash over the telephone. It was the most amazing experience ever! She is accurate, thorough, compassionate and kind. "Tracy's work in fact Heals People!" Ibanuela

30-"I vote for Tracy Lee Nash for Best Psychic and Best Medium USA for 2014-2015!" She did a reading for me last year and looking at my life a year later, I have found nearly everything she communicated to be true. Carleen Perez. Fountain Valley, CA






35-Recommendations for DC LOVE (USA):

1-DC Love, has been such an inspiration and positive force and kind friend to me since I have met her. She is truly an angel and that is here on earth to help others. Her amazing gifts are so many and they are given from her heart to others. She gives of herself. She is very generous and loving. A spark of energy as well and joy that she spreads. She has given so many readings to me and others and does not expect anything in return. This is how she does things. She serves others and is a blessing to many. I will always be so grateful to her. She is blessed. I also had the privilege to work with her on the Psychics Gone Wild radio shows. Love, Jan  

 2-Hi, Marla . . . I have three to nominate for best reiki practitioner and they are: Doreen (DC) Love, Eileen Boettcher, Peg Jones. I met all of them when I started working again on "Psychics Gone Wild" on Blog Talk Radio early this year.  I maintain friendship with them through Facebook and have even made an appearance on another show "Crystal Angel Healing Hour" they did together. They are all certified reiki practitioners and through my association with them, I have witnessed their gifts of healing. Thank you for your consideration! Linda Irwin



36-Recommendations for Daved Beck (USA):

1-I cast my vote for Daved Beck - he is the best. Nancy Mikolajczak

2-Having a reading with Daved Beck is like going to a party with an old friend. His readings are alive with accuracy and humor and you cannot help but smile during the entire time. His readings start from the moment you connect and I cannot say enough good things about him. ~Kimberly Ward, Certified Psychic and Medium

·         3- Ms. Cohen. I am voting for my Medium Daved Beck. This is just a little bit about our time with Daved. I had only met Daved one time prior to him cleansing my home. See my children urged me to seek Daved's help. My children where seeing things. They were not sleeping at night at all. My daughter from a very young age has always saw people or things that are not here and in the now. I was not understanding what was happening.  I had went to my priest and was told to have faith. I do have faith. But I wanted answers why my cchildren were seeing things. Why I was always feeling watched. So I did something that I was hesitant about. But I had faith. Daved came to my home in September of this year. Right away I knew something was different about my home. He made it more at ease. I had an overwhelming feeling of safety. Which I hadn't had in a long time. Daved's reading was so direct and to the point. He was empathetic, beautiful and completely innocent in a way about our reading. My reading involved our whole family. I wanted to have an open reading and mind. He was on point to the most intricate details. He even knew our babies nickname. Nobody but myself knew why I called my son that nickname not even my husband. My house is moving forward with the new foundations we learned and welcome from what Daved explained to us. It was indescribable and yet so elegant in it's simplicity. I will forever hold a debt of gratitude to Daved. I hold him in the highest regards. He is brilliant in everything that is conceivable. It's not about money or fame it is all about LOVE. Sincerely, Julie M Hirosky


4-Marla, I'd like to give my vote to Daved Beck for Psychic Medium Healer. I attended a home party a couple of months ago. I initially was worried about this event as in the past I was told that I was an empath and I fully understand the emotional wreckage it can cause when with groups of people since I haven't learned to control anything yet and have frequent panic attacks. I sat down and listened as everyone else did, but I needed to keep leaving the room due to how overwhelming it was becoming. The third time I went to go outside to have a cigarette (my excuse), Daved stopped mid-sentence and said to me "I know you're my psychic sister. You need to hone in on your abilities instead of running from them." That was the first indication that he was real. When I came back, he turned to my sister and mentioned Florida. We both didn't really see anything relevant. He continued and mentioned "something tragic" and then "a gunshot." This was the point that I had to speak up. My sister was not yet born, but I lived in Florida when our uncle was shot in the head. Daved then continued and asked me about a wallet. At the time, I didn't know what he was referring to; however, after speaking to my mother the next day, I found out that my uncle's wallet was emptied and found underneath his body. Daved mentioned that I'm being watched over and I need to start looking for the signs. He said that he was seeing three feathers in a zig zag and I needed to watch for this. A week later, I seen it. Furthermore, he told me that I do everything in threes and I may not even realize I do it. I've since begun watching for this behavior and yes, he was right. This was ultimately a life-changing experience for me. Not only did Daved provide my family with a bit of peace of mind regarding my uncle, but he also gave me the push I needed to try to understand my own abilities. I look forward to seeing him again soon. Note: Feel free to wordsmith this if it will be shared with others. I write with my emotions sometimes. :) Thank you,Danita Morgan

5-Dear Maria and Maximillien, I am nominating Daved Beck for the following categories: Medium, Psychic, Life Coach and Lightworker of the Year. In my opinion, there is no greater honor than to be a witness to a person’s life.  I am blessed to be a witness for Daved Beck’s life.  I have known Daved for 10+ years.  I stand in awe of the many gifts and talents Daved displays on a daily basis.  Of them, I would like to highlight his abilities as a Medium, Psychic, Life Coach and Lightworker.  First of all, 2014 has been Daved’s biggest year of transformational growth that I have witnessed.  He is continually willing to walk his own path with integrity, dignity and grace.  His ability to look in his own mirror is inspiring. Daved practices with honor and truth as he fulfills one of his many goals; touching others lives in a positive way.  He is not one to change his values and boundaries based on fear.  As a leader, Daved is willing to teach others in his community.  Teaching others is a focus he will likely delve more into in 2015.  His vision for 2015 is forming as I write this.  I believe new visions and goals are on his horizon! I have witnessed Daved in many different settings: Group, one on one, etc.  His ability to adapt and be present is amazing.  His skill set is bar none.  He continually challenges himself to learn and grow as an individual and as a practitioner.  He uniquely weaves his life coaching skills into his practice in an effort to support others in their own growth and transformation.  I love how he not only willingly shares information with his clients, he helps them with the next step of what to do with the information.  He doesn’t do so by telling them what to do…he coaches them so they learn how to do.  And then he invites them to move forward in their own lives…in an empowering way. I have personally received multiple readings from Daved over the years.  I can genuinely say they were each mind blowing.  Daved’s psychic and medium abilities sometimes make me feel like I am in a different dimension.  A dimension where my soul meets with his and we are one for a brief moment in time.  There are facts about my fathers history that Daved verbalized clearly before I even knew them.  After I verified the facts, all I could say to Daved was “thank you".  I mean, what else do I say to someone who “just blew the roof off my house", so to speak?  The same is true for the many, many predictions that have shown themselves over time as the truth of my life. Gratitude is the word that comes to mind when I think about Daved.  I am grateful he is in my life as a Lightworker, as a Medium, a Psychic and as a Life Coach.  But most of all, I am grateful he is also my friend. Regards, Jo Lynn Bartlett, RN

6-Dear Marla Cohen, Please accept my vote in the categories of: Medium, Psychic, Life Coach and Light Worker of the Year for Daved Beck.  I have known Daved Beck for 25 years as a friend, coworker, and a psychic/life coach.  Witnessing his evolution as a gifted psychic/life coach/lightworker is inspiring and deserves recognition by your publication.  Readings/sessions with Daved are unique in that not only is he accurate and knowing, but his messages and guidance are purposeful and positive.  When I receive a reading from him I feel somehow transformed (subtly or profoundly) and connected to or more aware of positive energy. His passion assisting people is what makes Daved so special.  He truly shares his talents to bring light into his clients lives, and himself lives each day working in integrity, honesty, compassion and light.  Thank you, Brandee McBride

7-I am submitting my vote for David Beck for the best Lightworker in the Psychic category. I believe that he is truly gifted and that his gift is real. My experience with Daved was enlightening. His information was absolutely right on target as he went through and "read" each one of my chakras. He's obviously not only talented but extremely helpful with his gift.Thanks Anne DeCock

8-I would like to begin by stating for the record that I have known Mr. Beck since 1992. I feel the longevity of our relationship should be noted because I am a very critical judge of character and aside from Mr. Beck I have not maintained many friendships due to the high standards that I hold and my philosophy and central tenets of being, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, compassion and community service. Mr. Beck's life and life philosophy aligns with my belief system and thus we have been able to have a long time friendship and working relationship as I also see him in the capacity of a client as well. Above all, I do not take kindly to liars, frauds nor thieves and have dedicated a significant amount of my life force fighting them and holding on to my standards. Due to my high standards I have been subjected to many instances of depression from being let down and at times loose my faith in humanity. Every time I am faced with these depressing thought, I have to say that knowing Daved Beck restores some of my faith and he, himself, is a testament to the human spirit and what it can achieve when it is groomed right in the face of adversity. His positivity is catchy and his way of thinking is meticulous. We all know and feel what is right and although what he says to me is right, it is not so easy for me to see or feel. His guidance is appreciated as he draws me out of my "dark space" in a way that is not invasive to my being. I seem to go back there a lot, only because it is familiar, but that does not give Mr. Beck cause to forsake me or give up on me. He is as understanding of my negative ways of being as the ocean is vast. Ferre Titou

9-To Ms. Maria Cohen and Mr. Maximillien de Layfette, I am a past and present client of Mr. Beck's. I would like to begin by expressing that I believe that I would be worse off in the world if it were not for this relationship, which unfortunately, has been Mr. Beck's burden to maintain as I have been predisposed to chasing windmills for the past two decades. It is comforting to know him because to me, this individual is proof that there are men that are innately good and strive to make the world a better place not only by the work they do, but the example they set. Mr. Beck is a fine example of a compassionate and evolved human being. I should only hope to impact people spiritually the way he does. What comes naturally to him is a gift, a skill. Knowing how to communicate new and uncomfortable feelings and life strategies without being insulting is also a gift. I have an aversion to answering the phone and Mr. Beck's name is one of the few names I will answer. This is because of his gift. I think it is notable to mention because I actually have shut the world out at times and have sought extensive therapy to support my emotional needs.That therapy from "professionals" in the field of psychology really did more damage than good. Unlike Mr. Beck, they were looking to turn a buck and could care less of the damaged humans they leave in their wake.I thank him for all that he has done for me, the harm that he did not do to me, and even more importantly, the kind of world he leaves in his wake from all that he touches. Healing is a process and Mr. Beck nurtures the quality of those to heal from within. Just for his impact on the world alone I think he is noteworthy.I would like to thank you for allowing me to have input on my experience with Daved Beck and would like to further state that I have experienced him as both a psychic and healer. I have also purchased a session from him for my friend (whom he never met prior to the session) and the reading he gave her (only I knowing her business) was dead on. As a friend  to her, there were many things I would have liked to say to her that I just couldn't find the words and yet, Mr. Beck, in under an hour, was able to communicate effectively and compassionately some life strategies for her to think about. That was close to a year ago and within the past year, her life has drastically changed, for the better. I do think that part of that could be attributed to the positive affirmations of Mr. Beck.I do also think that, at the very least, Mr. Beck should be commended for being able to reflect ourselves back to us in a way that we can heal. Thank you for taking your time to read from me again and should you have any doubt of my background or what I assert, feel free to contact me at…... I will return your message, as I probably won't answer the phone but I am working on that at the moment.-X





37-Recommendations for Yolanda Billings (USA):

1-I'd like to vote for Yolanda Billings for BEST Tarot Card Reader for 2014/2015!! She's always right on point. Green E.

·         2-Hello my name is Jennifer G. and im sending my personal vote for Yolanda Billings as being the absolute best tarot card reader for this year 2014/2015!   she is so prompt & on point with her readings so my #1 vote is for her!!  Thank you so much!!!  Jennifer G.

·         3-I would like to cast my vote for Yolanda Billing for light worker. Also I would like to add she had a group called faith spirituality and beyond. Her readings are free of charge. She is an amazing gifted lady. Thank you Diana Richardson

4-I am Jessicca Suzanne Haas. I nominated Yolanda for Bast Tarot Card Reader. She is very Legit in her abilities, accurate and honest. She's not charging for her services, currently. But she does have a Facebook that she shares with her husband, Jon, and that's prolly why you don't find her there, its a hyphenated name. I belong to a group she started on Facebook over a year ago, where she helps to teach and awaken souls, and also gives away tarot readings as she sees fit. Please do not remove her or hervotes received as she is indeed a real pwraon, a real gem of honesty and light. :) Namaste!

5-I'd like to vote for Yolanda Billings as the Best Tarot Card Reader for 2014 please. She is amazing with the work she does as a light worker. I couldn't believe how accurate she was and the fact that she didn't charge me was awesome! Please consider my vote and I appreciate your organization. What you all DO is God's work!  Thank you very much, Kaleb


·        6-Casting my vote for Best Tarot reader, Yolanda Billings in Oklahoma. She's the most genuine person and uses her gift to help so many. She is full of care and love, and that's exactly what she sends out to everyone she meets.


·      7-I am nominating Yolanda Billings for category best tarot reader for 2014-2015.  My name is Jessica Coyle. I am nominating her because she is a good friend, kind, sincere, honest and a good heart. Jessica Coyle.


·         8- am voting for Yolanda Billings for the best tarot reader for 2014-2015.  I think she is the best because she is compassionate and an all around wonderfully insightful person.  Even through the adversity of some family and friends she still holds her head high and press on with her talents.  Thanks for taking my vote! Rebekah Beck


9-Best Tarot Reader for 2014-2015. I would like to vote for Yolanda Billings. She is a great lady and very informative and detailed. Thank you, Fauna Plummer

10-I would like to vote for Yolanda Billings as the Best Tarot Card Reader for 2014, she has helped so many people and shine so much peace and light into so many lifes. Shes a huge blessing with an amazing gift and deserves this. Cheri & Ayden Cartwright

11-Lightworker of the year: I think Yolanda Billings is the best because she was always spot on on my readings! I vote Yolanda Billings. Whitney, Faith, Chas, Heaven, Kelsey, Charlie, and Baby J.R.'s Mommy ~¢¾~







38-Recommendations for Kitty Woud (UK-Netherlands/Pays Bas):

1-I vote for the category best mediums in the world for Kitty Woud. I think Kitty Woud also belongs in the listing of Lightworkers because of her compassion, sincerity and modesty as well as her brilliant mediumship and teaching, especially at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK. Gr. Nick

2-I vote for Kitty Woud. Medium in Holland. Officiant of the SNU in Holland. It is the greatest medium i know in Holland. John Eversdijk








39-Recommendations for Spooky School, Internet Radio Paranormal Show (UK/Angleterre):

I-I would like to Nominate Krys & Jass Godly of 'Spooky School' on as Best Internet Radio Paranormal Show Hosts/Presenters. Their show Spooky School has just celebrated 3 years on air every Friday. It's broadcast from 8.30pm to 10pm UK time - but has a wide variety of listeners from many different countries. And is the number 1 show on the network and also the Number 1 listen again show on the network too. We would each like to nominate the show – K.

2-Please accept my nomination for Krysstyn (Krys) Godly as Best Medium and Best Psychic in your awards. She is fantastic and gets excellent evidence, I've seen her work many times and she has many fantastic testimonials. She makes a huge difference to people's lives with what she tells them and the way she empowers them. Healing Tree Ctr.

3-Hi there,I just want to vote for the Spooky School radio show with the amazing Krys and Jass Godly./They are awesome in every way.Thanks,Tanya Silverton











40-Recommendations for Jass Godly (UK/Angleterre):

I would like to nominate and vote for Jassmyne (Jass) Godly as Best Psychic and Best Tarot Reader - as she is fantastic! Healing Center.






41-Recommendations for  Jose Gosschalk (Netherlands/Pays Bas):

1-I'd like to vote for Jose Gosschalk, who is a very very good medium from the Netherlands. Kind regards, Laura van Gilst 

2-I want to vote of our best Medium of the Netherlands José Gosschalk. Kind regards Tjitske van der Tol


3-From Holland I vote for JOSÉ GOSSCHALK as the best Medium in the world. She is very reliable, modest, accurate, has compassion in her mediumship and is a fantastic medium. She is also a remarkable teacher at her (own) Academy for Mediumship in Naarden/Holland. She teaches with much integrity, enthousiasm, stability and patience. Ellis Hogenkamp, Bussum, The Netherlands

·        4-Not only because she simply is the best medium I know, but above all she is the warmest and most integer person I know. She knows best how to intergrate the essence of Mediumship into our daily live because it is a part of our daily live. Not everybody knows that yet. But you have to start somewhere. And she has made a start which is accessible for everyone. And that alone is already worth a nomination for Best. Warmest, Matijs

·         5-Jose Gosschalk the Best Medium. Thank you, Roos Wijngaard

·        6- Herewith I would like to cast my vote for Jose Gosschalk for the Best Medium Award. I have seen her perform live now numerous times, and have also seen about half of the current top 15 perform (who were also truly excellent and also deserve an award), but no one beats Jose. Her demonstrations are always spot-on and the evidence she provides is more accurate than any other medium I have ever seen. Furthermore, she has a true gift in letting everybody feel at ease and wanting to learn more about the spirit world, which in my opinion explains why almost everybody who visited her keeps coming back. This is especially important for people who have their first experience with the spirit world, and she just does an outstanding job in taking away their doubts or fear they might have and turning it into a love and appreciation for the spirit world. Best of luck with the vote counting and I will keep my fingers crossed for Jose. Best regards, Jego Besseling

·         7-Jose Gosschalk the ‘Best Medium’.Thank you, Met vriendelijke groet, Harm van der Sanden

8-Dear ones, José Gosschalk is such an excellent medium, who gives wonderful evidence of deceased loved ones in such a loving and respectful way. Demonstrations with her are a privilege to see. Thank you, kindest regards, Saskia Chatillon Berlicum – The Netherlands

9-With pleasure I would like to vote for Jose Gosschalk from Holland as best medium of the world. And because of the good work she is doing for the spirit world I would like to give my vote for 'woman of the year' also to her. Kind regards, Myrna Goossen

10-José Gosschalk from Holland best medium of the world. Lots of Love Harriet van Meijel. Netherlands

11-Dear Marla,I want to vote for Jose Gosschalk in the category 'Woman of the year', because she is the woman of the year!! Greetings, Shanti Besseling Thank You!!!







42-Recommendations for Linda Irwin (USA):


I will like to vote for and give a testimony for is Linda Irwin. Categories: Best Psychic and Best Paranormal Expert (ET Expert).  Linda has been an angel to me since I first met her. She became a friend to me very soon after I met her and she took me under her wing so to speak and has since then now for all of these years. Over three. She has been a guardian to me. As well as a teacher and mentor. She is a dear friend and colleague as well.  I met her at the Psychics Gone Wild group as she then created her own group and radio shows called the Unseen World. She leads these still today and very successfully. She also does lead hosting for the Psychics Gone Wild radio shows now and I am on the show with her. We work very well together. She invited me a few years ago to do some of the radio shows for the Unseen World too and I was so new at this. Sharing my poetry. Today I work with her as a cohost and with other cohosts as well. She is a very talented psychic and also an ET expert on the paranormal and is very well educated and knowledgeable about this. She also communicates with them. She is also an amazing musician and creative lyric writer too. She puts together videos and I have been in several of these dancing and also she has used my poetry in many of her songs. She is kind, patient, genuine, brilliant, beautiful, extremely talented and creative, and a team player for all that she does. She is also a leader in all that she does. She is a producer, a teacher and also a comedian too. She has done this work as well professionally. She holds others up with her kindness and humility with her genius sense of humor as well. She is a light to the world and she shines so brightly. She brings only the good out of people and helps them to be creative and express their spiritual selves using their inherent gifts. She is non judgmental and gentle. She beloved by many including me!  God bless her!!  Sincerely, Jan Drake Bakke




·        43-Recommendations for Sunanda Sharma (India):

·         1-I would like to vote for Sunanda Sharma in the best psychic, tarot reader and healer categories. I also would like to nominate her for 'World of Fame'. She is best tarot reader, I have come across. Her understanding and prediction have always come true. Thanks Gowru. India


·         2-I would like to vote for Sunanda as the best tarot reader. She is very accurate in her readings and also a very compassionate person.  She always sends positive vibes and I have complete faith in her. Sunanda has had a huge impact on my life and those of many others I know. Thanks Jazween Modgil Canada


3-I vote for Sunanda Sharma for best psychic, tarot reader & healer categories and World Hall of Fame 2014. I personally feel as she is the best person i've ever met and have been greatly benefited by her readings. Thanks & regards, Manvi. India

4-Hi, I am voting for sunanda sharma  india for best tarot reader, psychic, healer category. Also recommending her  for  woman of the year award, lightworker of the year award, She is highly deserving of these  honours....she is very selfless and is  passionate about guiding people .Mansi India






44-Recommendations for Lyle Sharman (USA):

I wish to nominate Lyle Sharman as Best Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Hunter. He is a dedicated and focused researcher and licensed Private Investigator who uses his skills to help others who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. He is a great team leader and started The Route 66 Paranormal Investigators in Arizona which always investigates free of charge. He is a great example of a true investigator who seeks only the truth. I am honored to work with him and consider him a man of integrity. J. W.










45-Recommendations for Ray Schmidt (USA):

I am recommending Ray Schmidt for Best Paranormal Investigator and Best Ghost Hunter. He is an original member of the Route 66 Paranormal Investigators and provides a level head and technical expertise as well as dedication and photography for the team and investigations. He seeks the facts and yet is open to experiencing the unknown and keep an open mind. I'm privileged to work with and know him, he is a well respected and truthful man and researcher. JW











46-Recommendations for Chuck Bergman (USA):

Chuck is an author who I met briefly in 2010 and we are now Facebook friends.  He risked his career as a detective to come forth with his abilities in finding missing persons.  He is very reliable.  Linda Irwin





47-Recommendations for Dawn "Mystic Haven" Mitchell (USA):

Dawn and I worked together on the Blog Talk Radio show "Psychics Gone Wild" and she has been able to tune into missing persons successfully, giving the police advice on where to look for the persons. Linda Irwin








48-Recommendations for Jan Drake-Bakke (USA):

Jan Drake-Bakke I have known since 2012 as not only a blossoming psychic in the realm of animal totems but very successful in helping clients privately as well as those provided to her by various missing persons agencies in finding their lost loved ones and pets.  She currently works with me and we are very good friends. Linda Irwin













49-Recommendations for Tarah Harper (USA):

1-I am casting my vote for "Tarah Harper" USA, for the category of best psychic in the world. I also vote for as the best psychic directory in the world. I've seen her help a lot of people and she is a very caring and compassionate person. James


2-I cast a vote for Tarah Harper (USA) as the best psychic and also the best healer of the world categories. She is very intuitive and accurate. She has also healed my physical pain before. I also cast a vote for as the best directory in the world. Thank you, Christopher

3-Tarah Harper - I vote her as the best healer because she has healed me several times both mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thanks, Sean

·         4-I would like to personally vote for Tarah Ashley Harper from Tullahoma, Tennessee of the USA in the categories of Best Healer, Psychic and Dream Interpreter. I can attest that she is truly a gifted and exceptional woman. I have had the privilege on several occasions to discuss several personal and spiritual experiences. I hope my support gives credence to her participation. Sincerely, Jacqualine Rippy

5-I recommend Tarah Harper for best healer, dream interpreter, and psychic! We've shared lots of good conversation about these topics and she is the real deal. Lexi Farris









50-Recommendations for Doreen (DC) Love, Eileen Boettcher, Peg Jones: Hi, Marla . . . I have three to nominate for best reiki practitioner and they are: Doreen (DC) Love, Eileen Boettcher, Peg Jones. I met all of them when I started working again on "Psychics Gone Wild" on Blog Talk Radio early this year.  I maintain friendship with them through Facebook and have even made an appearance on another show "Crystal Angel Healing Hour" they did together. They are all certified reiki practitioners and through my association with them, I have witnessed their gifts of healing. Thank you for your consideration! Linda Irwin






51-Recommendations for Françoise Desbouches (France):

1-Bonjour, J'ai consulté à deux reprises la médium Françoise Desbouches et je la considère comme une très grande voyante-médium. Ses flashs sont impressionnants. Elle a d'ailleurs 4 étoiles au classement du Guide de la voyance en France, enquête réalisée par Anne Placier. Bien cordialement; Dominique Mivielle. France

2-Françoise Desbouches, France. She is exceptionally gifted. Thank you. Lydie Labaudiniere,medfield, MA (USA)

3-Françoise Desbouches is a great medium. Regards. Anne Norman, Nancy, France.

4-I would like to vote for Françoise Desbouches, from Nancy, France. She is outstanding. Best regards, Aurelie Schroeder, France

5-I know Françoise DESBOUCHES for her ethic and high level of Help in my live, during few years Please, note that I choose Françoise DESBOUCHES, from France  as my " lightworker" for my life. Best regards. Chevaux.

6-M. Cohen, please note Françoise Desbouches, France, who changed my life. Best regards. M. Rawolle

7-Françoise est une voyante formidable, j'espère qu'elle sera primée. GP








52-Recommendations for Anoeska Coopman (Netherlands/Pay Bas):

1-I had the pleasure of getting a reading by Anoeska Coopman. The evidence she came with was amazing very accuracy and spot on! She told things that nobody could know beside me and the person in the spirit world. For me it is absolutely sure she had a pure contact with the person I love in the spirit world. Dorzon - Amsterdam The Netherlands

2-I have the privilege to know Anoeska as one of my closest friends and watch her in her ‘work’ as a medium as well. For Anoeska it’s all about love and compassion. The prove she wants to give you, for you to be sure she’s in contact with the spirit off your loved one is outstanding. Just beïng good isn’t good enough for her, Anoeska challenges herself to set the bar higher every time again. It’s not her work, it’s her way of life. Whether in a reading or in personal live, she always wants to give and spread the love. Always keeping her eye on people in need. Once you meet her, you’ve got to love her. With love, Diane Vos (Netherlands) 


·        3-First of all I like to thank you for all the work you are doing for all of us. You must be getting thousands of mails! My name is nominated for 2 categories, Best Medium (nr 5 today) and Woman of the year in the Netherlands (nr 1 today). It’s wonderful what you all together do for us, thanks a lot!!! I like to nominate a colleague of mine for being a passionate medium. Her name is Anoeska Coopman. Liefs, José Gosschalk


4-Recommendation Anoeska Coopman for Best Mental Medium from the Netherlands: It is a privilege to attend a demonstration when Anoeska is the medium at the platform. With her Amsterdam humor and her respectful way of demonstrating it is a joy to be present. It can be very comforting for people or even life changing to get a message from a dear one or some advice about there lives. Mediumship is not a thing Anoeska does. Living with the Spirit World is her way of life. Anoeska  lives with them. The last as a metafor of course. She is often called The Ambassador of the Spirits. She loves to be a medium for the living people at our planet and she really adores to be a bridge between the two worlds for the spirits. Anoeska is having her own centre now “HemelsWijs” in Holland where mediums can practice there skills,  demonstrations are given by Anoeska herself.  She is also a very committed coach teaching her students how to be a medium.  For her own work she puts up very high standards . Always taking the difficult path to improve herself and the connection with the Spirit World. At a demonstration session  she likes to make at least 10 contacts wich is a very high amount to do in one session. Often there are more then one dear ones for a receiver. It is her mission to be a bridge between our two worlds and all in the name of LOVE. Rebecca Azijnman - Netherlands




53-Recommendations for Cris Avery Cole (USA):

 1-This email is for the voting for the best psychic.  I vote for the beautifully gifted Cris Avery Cole. She was recommended to me by a friend who had a reading with her. It was like talking with a dear old friend. She was clear and made connection with family member who passed. She made me feel very comfortable and I highly recommend her. Sincerely Kay L.

2-I vote for Cris Avery Cole for best Psychic!! She is truly gifted; the "real deal" with the heart of an Angel. Vicki W.

3-My vote is for Cris Avery Cole, she is authentic, said things that blew my mind away. A total professional. Thank you Sam 

4-Cris Avery Cole is one of the best psychics/mediums I've ever been to. Her readings have helped and brought comfort to myself and many of my friends. Her gifts as a medium are extremely well tuned and her ability to "see" have helped myself and others with life events. She is extraordinary in her field. Lorie Howell.

5-I'd like to vote for Cris Avery Cole. She's amazingly gifted! Rich Vreeland






54-Recommendations for Barbara DeLong (USA):

Here is an honorary mention for Barbara DeLong: I have been listening to Barbara DeLong's radio show on Curious Times for a few years now and have now had the pleasure of working with her in a class that she holds for anyone who wants to join and partake in. She is elegant, brilliant, lovely, funny and engaging in her teaching. She does not charge money for this and only seeks to help others. She is a remarkable psychic and channeler. Also, teacher as I am receiving some of her training now. I appreciate her very much and hope to be able to continue as long as I can in her circle class. I recommend this class and her show also on sunday nights on blogtalk radio. She has two masters degrees and it shows. She is a wealth of information, wisdom and generosity. Thank you Barbara. Love, Jan Drake Bakke  






55-Recommendations for David Lawrence Palmer (USA):

I would like to nominate David Lawrence Palmer also known as "The Leo King"   under the category of Top Astrologers. He is simply outstanding in his commitment to  his clients  and  fans. His daily videos, over a period of I believe several years now, that are both informative and inspiring. Diane Hiller








56-Recommendations for Roger Nobles (USA):

1-I Am writing to place my vote in for Roger Nobles in the Reiki and healer categories for the USA. Roger is an amasing healer and a very noble, humble soul who gives so much of himself to help humanity. I vote for him in both categories and also place in my personal recommendation as his work in helping humanity touches many lives and we are blessed for all he gives to the world. Espavo ~Nenari

2-Please accept my vote for Roger Nobles in all categories of the Reiki nominations: healing, distant healing, and all additional categories. He is an excellent  teacher and mentor. Sincerely; Julie A. Linn-West

3-I would like to nominate Roger Nobles in the Reiki Practitioner category, USA for inclusion in the Times Square Press & Stars Illustrated Magazine, also for healer category too. Also I would like to vote for Tarah Ashley Harper in the categories for Healer, Psychic, and Dream Reading, USA.  Having worked with Roger via the internet here in the UK, his work is remarkable and his dedication to making Reiki available for everyone is outstanding. May I also add that Roger does not charge for all his hard work and I for one am extremely thankful for the inspiration this remarkable human being is doing in the field of Reiki awareness. With Thanks from the United Kingdom. Deborah Richardson, Greater Manchester, UK

4-I would like to nominate Roger Nobles for the Reiki Practitioners category. I am one of his students and think he deserves recognition in his field. Thank you. D G Crabtre

5-I would like to vote for Roger Nobles for the Reiki Practitioner category, USA, as well as the Healer category. Roger goes over and above to do his healing and teaching of healing to others.  It is an honor to be one of his students. Thank you! Judi Young

6-We are taking the time to cast a vote for an amazing gentleman who has dedicated himself through love of others to the art of Reiki.He has reached out globally to bring the healing art of Reiki in to the hands of all who wish to learn.He is passionate about empowering everyone around him. He does this from the grace of his heart.His work in teaching distant healing to others has been endless. Please enter our vote in the  Reiki Practitioner category and the Healing Arts for our treasured friend : Roger Nobles from the USA. Thank You,  Hugs, Laughter,Light and Love. Mary Laud

7-I would like to cast a vote for best healer and reiki practitioner USA- Roger Nobles. It is truly amazing how this practice is intuitively learned even at a distance! Sincerely Stephanie Wall

8-I hereby nominate Reiki Master and Teacher Roger Nobles in the Reiki category. He has set up a fabulous Reiki Training Port which allow anybody to train, learn and understand Reiki. We are a growing Family in this Community. Roger is an amazing Teacher. I wish him all the very best in the future. Namaste Madam Reiki Master Teacher Catherine Washington Dunne



57-Recommendation for Paul Jacobs (Germany/Allemagne):

Would like to nominate paul jacobs for best psychic in Europe.paul as worked across europe for 30 years in Holland germany sweden italy findland denmark  spain greece belgium Switzerland. Thank You. Biagio tropeano=









58-Recommendations for Kimberly Wilson Ward (USA):

1-I would like to nominate Kimberley as she is a true inspiration and beacon of light. Her dedication to healing has transformed my life she intuitively has guided me forward to a world of positivity and possibility. A deserving light worker with a huge heart. :-) Carriona South Wales UK

2-I have just noticed that Kim Ward is in the running for Best Life-Coach Psychic. I would therefore like to recommend her for this prestigious award. Kim is not only an amazing Psychic and Coach but also a Friend. There is a wonderful connection between us both even though we live miles apart and we often banter and discuss various issues. A wonderful friend and confidant and worker within the spirit world. Many Blessings Kim. Lynne Caddick










59-Paranormal Review Radio (USA):

 for I would like to place my vote for Paranormal Review Radio co-hosted by Anthony Agate and Luci Leibfried In the past couple of years, I was able to embrace the gift and opportunity of being a guest two times on the show. In the past I generally did not listen to any shows because I did not want to be filtered for the times I would be a guest. However since my last appearance in January 2014, I have listened to some of their other shows and I love the plethora of information and the guests they invite on to share with the world. Thank you for the work you are doing! Thank you for your time! Thank you for the research you do! Daved Beck







60-Recommendation for Pamela Cummins (USA):

Pamela Cummins: I met her in the Psychics Gone Wild group and listened, learned and was even graced to work with her on her show one time.  She is a tremendous psychic reader who hears music as her main gift for giving messages. She is truly amazing and accurate. She continues to be a friend to me and is very supportive and inspirational. She has gone on to do more venues and expand her businesses as she also writes books. She is a mentor and friend. Love, Jan Drake Bakke








61-Recommendation for Janine Regan Sinclair (USA): 

I met Janine in the Psychics Gone Wild group. She has been a healer for me as well as a teacher and mentor. She has powerful healing gifts and psychic ability to do what she does. She has been very generous and kind to me continually since I have known her. A true guide and friend to me and so many others.Love, Jan Drake Bakke  










62-Recommendation for Corrine De Winter (USA):

I met Corrine at the Curious Times group. She has been so kind, always caring and generous beyond.  She gives to everyone she knows and does not stop with her generosity. She continues to be this without tiring of it. She is always wanting to help others and inspire them too. She is very loving, extremely giving and as well as talented.  I appreciate her kindness to me. She is a psychic medium and talk show host and very achieved and award winning poetess and writer.Love, Jan Drake Bakke  







63-Recommendation for Jamie Butler (USA): 

I met Jamie at the Channeling Erik group online on Facebook. She is one of the main mediums that channels Erik Medhus who is the son of Dr. Elisa Medhus. Erik committed suicide and Jamie has been giving her expertise as a medium amazingly and extremely accurately.  She works with Erik's family and many people from the CE group as well. I have received startlingly accurate readings. Jamie is one of the best mediums I have ever known. She is also a teacher and mentor to me as well. Love, Jan Drake Bakke  






 64- Recommendation for José Medrado (Brazil):

I would like to recommend the excellent and impressive physical medium Brazilian José Medrado as the best physical medium. Not only more than 100 deceased painters, such as the impressionists Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso, have been painting through him since December 1988, when Renoir appeared upon him and proposed to transform paint into bread, but spirits also started to make sculptures using his mediumistic gift for this purpose since May 2013. Moreover he mediamistically paints porcelain objects and has written several books through automatic writing.  At a younger age, materializations would take place through Medrado’s mediumship, which also was filmed by a Dutch television station (Veronica). Medrado has been doing public painting sessions in many countries in North & South America, Europe and Australia. I feel blessed to have been able to witness his extraordinary gifts so many times personally,  joining him during his yearly European charity tours since I first met him in my country, Holland, in 2001, being the organizer of his European agenda ever since, assisting him in many ways on a voluntary basis and also having stayed at his marvellous spiritual and social centre in Salvador, Brazil. Thus, when I got knowledge about this competition, I decided to vote for him, also hoping this will help his social work even farther.  What makes Medrado extra special for me, is the fact that all the income from his works is being used for the benefit of this spiritual centre (which he founded at the age of 17) and orphanage & social centre (at the age of 27), where not only permanently live and are educated 40 children, but which also offers assistance to many others (such as unmarried pregnant women, who also receive layette sets, and to abused women), a school for 370 children, which received an award for the best public school in Salvador in 2014, a complete medical centre, offering people in need hundreds of meals on a daily basis, etc., etc..; last year, a total of 200.000 social attendances took place at the centre. In his daily life Medrado, who has studied both Portuguese Literature and Philosophy, has been working for the Brazilian Government (at a Court of Justice) for over 30 years and was elected to the function by Federal Contest. Please have a look at: or first watch a few of his paintings, followed by the painting itself at:, at the Arthur Findlay College in London, in 2012. Joyce de Leeuw

2-Hi. I'd like vote.I vote for José Medrado from Brazil as best physical medium of the world.He is the best here em Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He's work is very important for the people. Margareth Spinola, Brazil






 65- Recommendation for Vickie Gay (USA):

Hi! 1-I vote for Vickie Gay. Categories: medium and psychic. She's amazing!! The most correct and intuitive psychic I've ever gone to. Thank you! Kelly


·        2-I vote for Vicki Gay in the categories psychic/ medium. She has been helping me for almost a year now with some serious health issues that have been taking over my life. Her kindness and guidance have been a huge help in me getting my life back. I truly believe she is an amazing medium!!!  Sincerely, Katie Ross


·         3-I am voting for Vickie Gay for top medium and psychic. I personally have experienced various mediums and psychics in the aftermath of my wife's passing. All were helpful, but none were as accurate and beneficial as my readings with Vickie Gay. She receives my top vote and recommendation. Thanks, Samuel Prentice Jr.


4-Hello, My name is Amy Burdick (AKA:  Victoria Monroe) and my vote is for Vickie Gay (Psychic Medium). I met Vickie first September 23, 2003 when we received permission to spend the night at the historic PIPERS OPERA HOUSE in VIRGINIA CITY, NV to do a paranormal investigation. I knew nothing about the realm of the paranormal, but had always been very curious.  After spending time with Vickie, I was educated & less afraid of the “spirit” world.  I felt truly SAFE with Vickie ! She has become a dear friend and confidant. Here is a link to a video of our time at PIPER’S OPERA HOUSE: At the 15:20 mark you will see Vickie give her assessment of a spirit who claims the proscenium box at Piper’s Opera House. It was at this moment that I KNEW she took her gift seriously and truly is a force for GOOD.  She was & continues to be an amazing GUIDE & PROTECTOR helping us UNDERSTAND this truly fascinating realm. She also gives very interesting assessments at 19:31 & 39:55. Since 2003 I’ve had the pleasure of working with her various other times.  One that comes to mind was in 2008.  Our local News Anchor, Bill Brown of Channel 2 (The CBS AFFILIATE) was given the GREEN LIGHT to do a Halloween Special.  He chose Virginia City, NV as the location.  He also chose Vickie Gay as the Medium of Protection and I went along as an “Observer”.  There was much “activity” but I KNEW we were SAFE because we had VICKIE on our side.  Vickie always does a WHITE LIGHT OF PROTECTION before she delves into any situation.  I found out through Vickie that without that White Light Of Protection we could be welcoming in BAD SPIRITS of which she is totally against.  I find her to be a unique conduit of Knowledge, Protection, Guidance & LOVE !  Here is a clip on youtube: &  ( HAUNTED NEVADA ) In conclusion, I just want to say I believe Vickie is the REAL DEAL.  She has traveled to many places helping so many people. She has touched so many lives in so many POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE ways, too many to count.  If you want to know more about Vickie, please go to her website: or call me at the number below. She has personally touched my life in such a POSITIVE WAY & I am a better person for it.  GOD BLESS YOU VICKIE GAY !  I LOVE YOU !!!! Love & Light Amy Burdick AKA:  Victoria Monroe


5-I vote for Vickie Gay for the best psychic medium. She is the best psychic medium I have ever seen. She has been blessed with a natural ability to be able to connect with the spirit world. Margie Bennett.


6-I vote for Vicky Gay the Medium. She is amazing! Thank you, Kim Silver


7-I am voting for Vickie Gay in the categories of Medium and Psychic. She is excellent at what she does. I have experienced her gift first hand and I find her clairvoyance quite divine. Sincerely, Tony Haynes


8-I vote for Vickie Gay categories  Medium and Psychic. She is compassionate during her readings as well as being extremely accurate. The very best is what she is! Sincerely, Margot King


9-I vote for Vickie Gay for Medium and psychic. I have seen her work for a number of yeas and she is very accurate. Al Freitag


10-I vote for Vickie Gay as a Psychic Medium. In 2008, my daughter disappeared. My beautiful Sarah had been murdered and dismembered. Vickie helped me find her in spirit prior to the police finding her body. Vickie helped me to understand what transpired and by whom prior to when court findings were presented. Vickie has helped me to survive the horror of the ordeal, kept me in touch with my beautiful daughter and allowed me to understand. My vote for Vickie Gay is submitted most sincerely. Always, Helene Wilson


11-I vote for vickie gay in 2 categories medium and psychic.....she has committed her time ,energy and natural abilities to help people and make this world a better place..... Thank you. TKW Tree

12-Vickie Gay hands-down is the most talented psychic/medium I've come across. I've been involved in the coordination of  the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series for 13 years and I've seen people's lives transformed by Vickie's messages. She is the real deal! Kathleen Berry Author "A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian"

13-I vote for Vickie Gay in the categories: medium psychic. She is fabulous. Had several appointments, and have worked with dozens  of psychics. Mark Emerson

14-It's my pleasure to vote for Vickie Gay as Best Psychic Medium.  I've seen Vickie a few times and have had the pleasure of a few private readings from her.  I've followed her through the years and so impressed with her gift and how she shares it with others and teaches, as well.  She's simply amazing. Denise Keary

15-I am voting for Vickie Gay as an outstanding psychic and medium.  I have had extensive experience with her amazing abilities. I can say this from first hand knowledge. Samuel Peca

16-I vote for Vickie Gay. I have had many readings with Vickie. She in enlightening, beautiful, of love and light and has truly enriched my spiritual growth. Ikay

17-I vote for Vickie Gay for the worlds best medium and psychic. She predicted/saw my granddaughter who has livedo racemosa, being healed of the disease. My granddaughter is being treated at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto and  is just now showing signs of the disease being healed! Sandy Parson Queen of the "Pink" Castle

18-Vickie Gay is the best medium I have been to, she has such spiritual empowerment. She has my vote! Best,Sher Relyea

19-I wanted to vote for Vickie Gay in the categories of Medium and Psychic. She took a non-believer (my husband) who is a nuclear engineer and the most LOGICAL thinker on the planet, and offered pretty irrefutable evidence to us BOTH that energy & spirit lives on when the body gives up. I engaged her for a reading based on her great reputation… and while I went in expecting and HOPING that one thing/person would come through, she offered something quite different and yet staggering in its accuracy.  She is the real deal….Warm Regards, Christa Delaney

20-I am voting for Vickie Gay for the categories of MEDIUM AND PSYCHIC. She has not only been a gifted psychic and medium, but friend and pastor of our church. I have known Vickie for about 10 years, and seen her act and react with people and her own life, all with love and respect. Sincerely, Jean Ricketts-Murphy

21-I vote for Medium Vickie Gay. In my experience Vickie is very talented indeed. Sincerely, Milton Lucius

22-I vote for Vickie Gay, in the categories of Medium and Psychic. Vickie has been a tremendous help to me and is a wonderful person. I have utilized her gifts on more than one occasion and I must say, she is authentic. She has told me things that there is no way she could have known. She always gives something tangible  to authenticate that she is indeed talking to those around you. She does not ask leading questions. She is incredibly gifted. The first time I met her, she said to me, I see you moving boxes and you are in a hurry. I had helped my friend move the day before. This wasn't being discussed anywhere near her, or in fact at all that day. There have been numerous things she has said to authenticate and she is extremely accurate. She has been dead on about the things I have asked her, and even things I didn't ask. Sincerely, Mia (last name withheld for privacy)

23-I Karen M. Zimmer vote for Vicki Gay in the category of Medium and Psychic. What an amazing woman, I am happy to have had readings and spoke with her personally at many Psychic events. Sincerely, Karen Zimmer

24-Vickie Gay is an incredible Evidential Spiritual Medium. I was astounded by how she brought my beloved through in my first Mediumship reading I chronicled it in my book Finding Vern a book about the afterlife. I got a reading from her 2 weeks after my beloved died in a car accident. She identified within the first minute that it was him by saying he was sorry we did not make it to the alter. The fact is we were scheduled to be married in 3 months, Vickie did not have a clue of who I was looking for. After that the reading only got better and better. She then identified he died in a crash with 3 impacts which was true. I detail the complete reading and marry it up with the events in our life in my book, it was 100% accurate and specific. The reading she delivered was an essential to my healing. Sincerely Darcy Bellows Mascorro Author of Finding Vern

25-I vote for Vickie Gay psychic Medium. She is the best, lovely, helpful & caring Sychic I've ever known. Fabiola

26-I am voting for Vickie Gay in this particular catagory due to the fact that I had been asking help from her for nine years since 2004.  I went to high school in Palo Alto and college in UC Berkeley and now own a few properties in San Francisco and SF bay area.  In order to make the right decisions for many different purposes, personly knowledge might not be enough to handle many of the situations encountered.  That is reason why I asked help from Vickie.  Not only having her help while I am in different states of the country, I also got her help many many times while I travelled away from home in Europe.  I too asked her questions about scientific problems that I could not solve in my projects.  I wish her a successful career and hope many more people can get to know her. Sincerely, David Au

27-I VOTE FOR VICKIE GAY categories MEDIUM AND PSYCHIC. She is so amazing!! I enjoy speaking to hear! She has also helped my sister in-law through a lot of health problems! She is a truly awesome person! Thank you  Bridgett Brenner


28-I vote to Vickie Gay Category Medium. She is a great medium and have been help a lots of people with her gift of mediumship. Sincerely, Thania Stewart





·          66- Recommendation for  Jessicca Haas:


1-Jessicca is a selfless light.  Her energy is remarkable and simply knowing her is a gift. She truly is changing the world. Carol R. Florida


2-I would like to vote for Jessicca Suzanne Haas In two categories. Best Psychic AND Best Medium. I would also like to nominate her for Best Female Light worker of the year. Testimonial: I have been friends with Jessicca for years and i trust her insight and intuition implicitly. She has always been very accurate and open and honest. She is generous with her advice, and she cares much more that she is able to make connections with people, than the payment. She is awesome! Thank you for your consideration. Daphanie Fountain, NE.

3-My best wishes and regards to these amazing gifted women ....  my votes  in categories ...Psychic: Suzanne Grace, Jessicca Cannon Haas, Smirti Mukherjee, Irene Hope Burke, Sally Brustowicz.Mediums: Suzanne Grace, Jessicca Cannon Haas, Irene Hope Burke. Tarot: Smirti Mukherjee, Jessica Cannon Haas, Irene Hope Burke, Karina Voroshhilova.

Recommendations :

Suzanne Grace:  As her name speaks .. Suzanne is full of grace ,confidence and light .. amazing connection with vision and feelings .. very accurate with in her readings and bringing forward comfort to those seeking knowledge of their loved ones   as well as  what is going on in the present  ! she is a wonderful light worker filled with light . more than a pleasure to know her  :)    Sherie Hurd Roufosse

Jessica Cannon Haas: I have known Jessicca for years .. she is true to her heart and words . Jessicca  is not only professional , she has a true caring  heart  for and  about her  clients and friends  and  will go the extra step to you help one gain clarity. Her gifts are many including Tarot  and angel cards along with psychic and medium .. I am  greatful  to call her a friend and Peer.  I highly Recommended Jessica! 

Irene Hope Burke : amazing connection !!! psychic ,medium and medicine cards  and so much more. Irene has  help me through alot of distress in my life with spot on readings and advice . spirit is very connected to her  . she has blown my mind more than once .   thank you Irene !!!    Sherie Hurd Roufosse




  67- Recommendation for Linda Messerman:

1-Linda Messerman has single handedly helped my little Dora to walk again!  Dora hurt her back a few weeks ago at agility school...  Which is the MOST FEARED thing that can happen to a dachshund like her.  She couldn't even walk.  She had literally paralyzed back legs for a few days.  Linda's healing hands are helping her to a full recovery.  Every time she comes... Dora is SO excited to see her... she "limps" up to her - and when Linda is finished with her "magic" - Dora walks away without pain or limp.  Truly miraculous.  Please add her to the category of reiki and or pet reiki.  THANK YOU!  Patti Negri  (PS - she has done wonders working on ME as well!)

2-Linda is great! My cats love their reiki sessions with her. I vote for her for Best Reiki and Best Pet Reiki. Best regards, Chuck Constant







68-Recommendation for Geraldine Stormfield (UK/Angleterre):

1-Hello, I want to vote for Geraldine Stormfield from the UK category Spirit Artist. Geraldine Stormfield deserves a place in this nomination Spirit Artists for the constant fantastic work she does for spirit and their loved ones here behind. Also she has guided and still does, many spirit artists to do their work in a fabulous way, day and night she gives free advices and the power to move on to their own spiritual journey about the Spirit Art. Her whole life is dedicated to the spirit world and her art is one of those, her spirit-portraits are phenomenal it brings a lot of comfort and healing to the people and most of all what is maybe the important part of that is,    that with her Spirit Art she can proof hat there is no death...She is for thousands of people a great inspiration and is able to give every single one of them her advices and comfort with her drawings. Warm regards Tjitske van der Tol from the Netherlands

2-My 1st Vote Is Artist Geraldine Stormfield From The UK: As far as I'm concerned she is the most Consistent Light Worker & Her Portraits are exquisite & Clearly Accurate when photo's are compared, she is also a great Medium where detailed linking is concerned. She is also a great Mentor to over 4,000 members on her group, she has Zero Ego & works tirelessly hard 24hrs per day.Thankyou Sarah Joyce Mills.

3-My 1st Vote Is Artist Geraldine Stormfield From The UK: As far as I'm concerned she is the most Consistent Light Worker & Her Portraits are exquisite & Clearly Accurate when photo's are compared, she is also a great Medium where detailed linking is concerned. She is also a great Mentor to over 4,000 members on her group, she has Zero Ego & works tirelessly hard 24hrs per day.Thankyou Sarah Joyce Mills.

4-Geraldine Stormfield (UK): Geraldine is an amazing spirit artist who works tirelessly for spirit. Her art and evidence is some of the best I have ever seen. Geraldine is very focussed on proving that we do not die, using spirit art as the required evidence. Her only hope is that through promoting spirit art, we are able to reach more people and provide them some comfort knowing their loved ones are not dead and are indeed just a thought away. To this aim, Geraldine is a founding member of an Internet group (via Facebook) called "Spirit Portraits", here she promotes the growth of spirit art and supports new and experienced spirit artists as needed. Geraldine gives all of her time to this work and is so passionate about the promotion of spirit art. Kind regards. Natalie Evans

5-I vote for Geraldine Stormfield - England - who started Spirit Portraits group on Facebook and draws amazing portraits of spirits and also provides wonderful evidence of life outside the body - that we call after death.....With love - Eva-Maria Östh - Sweden

6-I would like to cast my vote for Geraldine Stormfield. She is an amazing person. So encouraging, giving uplifting. She has inspired me and has guided me through my own journey and development as a Psychic/Medium and Spirit Artist. It's because of her that I believe in myself as a spirit artist. She is a light in this world for many people. Helping them to connect with their loved ones threw a miracle and in the end have verifying, validating proof of the life after this one!Thank you. Mark D. Lakowske - CTC, CMPH, CMPNLP, CMPHNLP, CRP, REV, P/M

7-I noticed that my votes weren't added and have realised that I didn't give reasons to why I was voting. I am amending that and resending in separate emails, I hope that's ok? My first vote in the section spirit art is for Geraldine Stormfield UK. I'm voting for her as she is 150% dedicated to both spirit and spirit art. She works day and night connecting spirit with their loved ones and doesn't charge a penny, even though she has very little herself. She does this via a Facebook group she set up, spirit portraits. She also guides and advises the other spirit artists and ensures their development. Her portraits are the best I've ever seen (I'm lucky enough to have received 2) and her mediumship is spot on, proving continuously that there is no death. She deserves to win this as her selfless quest is to promote spirit art and get it the recognition it deserves. Roxanne Wilson. UK.

8-I would like to nominate Geraldine Stormfield from England, for an award for Spirit Art. She is a dedicated, wonderful Spirit Artist, who has managed a site on Facebook "Spirit Portraits" for quite a while now and has over 4000 members. She is always on hand to help new Spirit Artists and her work is of the highest calibre, both in the portrait and in the clairvoyance she receives. She gives of herself tirelessly and works as a wonderful Lightworker for the Spirit World. I hope she will be considered for an award, thank you. Gillian Berridge, England.

9-I vote for Geraldine Stormfield - England - who started Spirit Portraits group on Facebook and draws amazing portraits of spirits and also provides wonderful evidence of life outside the body - that we call after death.....With love - Eva-Maria Östh - Sweden

10-I am nominating Geraldine Somerfeld because I have seen her art work and the reading that acconpy them the comfort and .love and energy she puts into each one. Thank you, Pam Dugdale

11-I am nominating Geraldine, for all the hard work she puts in to to bringing factual evidence from the spirit world , i have received 3 portraits from Geraldine , all of which were outstanding in quality. Thank you, Joanna Cox

12-Could I vote for Geraldine Stormfield (UK) for her amazing belief and faith in spirit - even spirit still in human form - in the category of teacher/spirit guidance. She truly is a wonderful lady who works very hard and has so much patience and is fully supportive of new and experienced spirit artists. Geraldine has wonderful morals and ethics when it comes to working with spirit and she tries to help as many on their path as possible, often without thought of how this dedication impacts on her own life. She gives selflessly, asking only that spirit are loved and respected. Love and light, Natalie Evans

13- would like to nominate Geraldine Stormfield UK for spirit art category
I am nominating Geraldine because she has an exceptional gift and has helped hundreds if not thousands of people. Mrs Sarah Jones UK





69-Recommendation for Tjitske van der Tol (Netherland/Pays Bas):

1-I would like to nominate Tjitske van der Tol from Holland for her amazing work as a Spirit Portrait Artist. She is a tireless worker for spirit who brings great comfort to many without asking for any money. Thank you. Geraldine Stormfield

2-My final vote goes to Spirit Artist Tjitske Van Tol: She works consistently well Proving Eternal life with excellent medium skills & her portraits clearly mirror photograph comparisons on a daily basis. Thankyou Sarah Joyce Mills.

3-Tjitske Van Der Tol (Netherlands/Pay Bas): Tjitske is very committed to providing good portraits with good evidence to match. Her work is constantly improving and her work is wonderful to observe. Kind regards, Natalie Evans

4-Hi  Marla, I have voted for  Tjitske van der Tole   Holland in the spirit art category.....I want people to know how she works so hard at proving life continues with her fantastic evidence, she also does this for no money and at her own cost. Her work proves there is no death. Thank you. Geraldine Stormfield

5-I would like to nominate tjitske van der tol as best spirit artist. She loves to help people making portraits of their loved ones. Her drawings are like pictures, that good ! Groet,  Debby Croese The netherlands


6-I would like to nominate Tjitske van der Tol Netherlands for spirit art category. I am nominating Tjitske because she is very talented. Mrs Sarah Jones UK

7-I vote for Tjitske van der Tol - Netherland,  her amazing proof of life after death. With love and light - Eva-Maria Östh född Lewicki








70-Recommendation for Smirti Mukherjee (India/Inde):

My best wishes and regards to these amazing gifted women ....  my votes  in categories, Tarot: Smirti Mukherjee, Jessica Cannon Haas, Irene Hope Burke, Karina Voroshhilova.-Sherie Hurd Roufosse






71-Recommendation for Lorraine Roe (USA):

I would also like to add Lorraine Roe; she has created a group for psychics and mediums that no one else can match. Her group is designed to help others, teach others, offer guidance and come together in prayer for those who need it. She is a very talented psychic who at times I feel is very much under-recognized. Suzanne Grace, Certified Psychic and Medium







72-Recommendation for Lisa Nevot (USA):

Lisa Nevot is the most dedicated and gifted psychic artist I have ever met! I have one of her paintings which she did from 3 states away prior to us ever meeting and let me tell you, it holds a place of honor in my home. Suzanne Grace, Certified Psychic and Medium








73-Recommendation for Tara Viosca Mead (USA):

1-Tara Viosca Mead, spirit photographer/scrying medium has a gift I have never seen matched in all my years. She captures spirit, full-bodied spirit and you can recognize your loved ones in the photos. I now try to make sure she is included at all my events as her talent is unparalled. Suzanne Grace, Certified Psychic and Medium

2-Tara Mead- best spirit photographer. Incredibly gifted at capturing the ghosts in the room! Her pictures are amazing! Lorraine Roe

3-Hi! I'd like to vote for Tara Viosca Mead, category Spirit photographer Scrying medium. She's great! Thanks,Allison






74-Recommendation for Natalie Evans (UK/Angleterre):

 1-Natalie Evans from UK: A great Spirit Artist Proving Evidence of Eternal Life beyond the Physical, She again work's Extremely Hard proving Clear Evidence via her medium skills with the Portraits presented. Thank you Sarah Joyce Mills.

2-I want to vote for Nathalie Evans category Spirit Artists, she is very devoted to the Spirit Art and her drawings brings such a comfort and healing for the ones left behind. She also can bring a great proof of life after death with the info and the photo's that are a real match with the Spirit drawings. Love and Light Tjitske van der Tol of the Netherlands

3-My third vote in the section spirit art goes to Natalie Evans UK. Natalie is truly committed to spirit art and gives up her free time, even though she has very little of it, to providing evidence both through her portraits and her mediumship, that there is no death, for no charge. Her determination to progress and connect spirit to their loved ones is second to none. Her portraits show an amazing likeness to the person in spirit. She has absolutely no ego and I am proud and honoured to able to watch her continuous progression. Many thanks, Roxanne Wilson UK

4-I want to nominate Natalie Evans UK Spirit art.......for her work drawing spirit portraits. She works for free sending the portraits out to their loved ones at her own cost. She has given some amazing evidence with each portrait to prove along side the amazing likeness that their loved one is still very much around.Thank you  Geraldine Stormfield. UK






75-recommendation for Jan Beattie (UK/Angleterre):

1-Would you add a vote for me for Jan Beattie from Wales. She is an amazing Spirit Photographer and deserves recognition for her skills as a Healer also.  I would like to place my vote for her in both Categories Spirit Photographer and Healer. She is the lady who took the photos of my transfiguration that I sent you to have a look at last year. Just an amazing talented lady. Thanks Marla. Lots of love again, Lynne xxxxx

2-Please accept our votes for Jan Beattie who is an amazing Spirit Photographer who also works as a Reiki Master, Healer and Paranormal Investigator.  Jan`s work has been seen on TV  and in various magazines alongside Lynne Caddick as they work together to bring proof of Life After. Also Paranormal Investigators who strive for proof of the other side. Please accept our votes for Jan Beattie. Carla Pritchard, Kenneth Pritchard, Margaret Mason, Joseph Mason, Sarah Pritchard, David Pritchard. UK

3-We have just noticed that Jan Beattie has been nominated for Best Spirit Photographer-Scryer. We have seen her work and would like to recommend and vote for her as she is so amazing capturing Spirit on Camera. Kurtis Fields, Moira Fields and Jessie Fields

4-Again we would like to place our votes for Jan Beattie another of our Welsh prodigys. She is such an amazing person with such a wonderful spiritual connection. She is able to also reach out to Spirit but in a different way where she provides proof of Life After in her the photos she manages to capture through the lens of a camera. Extraordinary ability some of Lynne Caddick that she managed to capture on camera. Jan has appeared in magazine articles and her photos have also been televised. A much loved lady and we would like to recommend and vote for her in the following category Worlds Best Spirit Photographer and Scryer. Thomas Clarke and Family




76-Recommendation for Lynn Caddick (UK/Angleterre):

1-Just a few words to describe Lynne "SHE FREAKED ME OUT WITH HER ACCURACY !" I have just visited your website and have been waiting to see Lynne's name and this morning there she was. Brilliant to see her so would like to give her my support for the Categories below: The Worlds Best Spiritual Teacher & Spiritual Guide. The Woman of the Year. Thanks. Joanne Lewis 

2-Dear Judith Goldsmith.I have been checking the voting stages to see if Lynne Caddick was taking part as Best Psychic and Medium but nothing until I saw her this morning. So very pleased that she has been recognised as one of the worlds greatest. Lynne has taught me and my 2 sisters in the past and because of her we are now working with Spirit.  Would be kind enough to accept our votes for Lynne for the well deserved category below which I took from your website.Therese Clarence, Laura Clarence and Julie Weston. So very pleased she has been nominated for this most deserved category. UK

3-Here are our nominations for Lynne Caddick for `Woman of the Year` and `Worlds Best Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Guide.  Lynne is phenomenal and I am so pleased to see her on the site.  My family wish to vote for Lynne in the above categories as she is one amazing woman who has helped our family as a whole during the past 12 months even though she has been ill herself, but hopefully on the road to recovery. We would have voted for her again for Worlds Best Psychic but saw that she hadn`t entered so we would like this chance to support her. June Harrison, Muriel Harrison, Sam Patterson, Lorraine Patterson, Cynthia Harrison, Thank you. UK

4-Best Teacher and Best Spiritual Guide in the world: Please can you put my vote in for the very talented Lynne Caddick as she is absolutely amazing at what she does! - Thank You! Many Thanks. Marica Haddock

5-Woman of the Year and The Worlds Best Spiritual Teacher & Spiritual Guide-Lynne Caddick. Dear Mrs. Goldsmith. Please would you put our votes forward for Lynne Caddick for both the above categories. Well I took my time looking for a Medium who could help me with the dilemma I faced last year and found Lynne`s website through scouring the internet. I live in a remote part of Toronto and I have a disability which keeps me house bound so I thought that a skype reading would be the best option for me but I had to find someone in whom I could trust to give me the right guidance. Well go no further my friends. Knock on Lynnes` Door!! Amazing, talented and uncannily accurate. During the past year everything Lynne has told me has come true! Thank you so much Lynne you have not only helped me in a material way you have also restored my faith in this world! Many Regards, Alvaro Deion and Donald Barry

6-Hi There. I would like to vote for Lynne Caddick for all categories she has been nominated for which I believe is women of the year all which she certainly deserves due to her inspiration of many others not just around her but social network presence giving hope and  guidance to the masses, What a remarkable woman. I also wish Lynne on her speedy recovery and hope to see her in the next event, Lynne maybe not be able to attend in person but she deserves recognition for her consistent hard work.If you need to clarify my vote in any way I can be contacted on this email ..... or by phone uk 44799……..Kindest Regards. Craig Bird

7-Dear Judith. Lynne Caddicck, Best Teacher, Best Spiritual Guide. Well I am so pleased that we spotted Lynne in the voting stages at this years Election. We had given up hope to see her name in the running for Best Psychic again this year but understand by reading your post. Here in the UK we had the pleasure of watching her on Television on the program "Educating Joey Essex" Joey Essex is a well known celebrity here. Lynne is fast becoming a TV Celebrity too but first and utmost is her work with Spirit of for which she has gained an enormous amount of respect. With that in mind and experienced her work and role as a Spiritual Advisor and Teacher we would like to support her in her on going success in our material world helping others understand what lays in front of us and beyond this world. Much Love to you Lynne and the work that you do and also to you Judith and the other organisers for all the hard work you do too to get across to others the importance of why we are here and in whom we should trust whilst we are. Best Wishes, Jayne Harper, Christopher Harper, Allan Harper and Judith Harper. UK

8-Greetings from London. I have many, many friends who have contacted Lynne for Readings and Guidance and I decided to do the same. Well wasn`t I pleased to do so as Lynne has not only restored my faith in this world but has given me hope for the next. She comes from another World a World that we will all return to one day, which Lynne has the privilege of touching and visiting and speaking with those present. All I can say is Lynne I love you and so glad you are now part of my life. Love. James Ridgeway.  I would also like to include my sisters name in support of Lynne too. Julie Rideway. Blessings to you all. James